Monday, April 29, 2013

Cravebox Girls Night In Review

This is my first Cravebox and I've got kind of mixed feelings about it. For those who don't know, Cravebox puts together a box of mystery items linked by a common theme. If the box sounds interesting, you put your name in a drawing and if you are chosen you get to purchase one of the limited number of boxes. This box, themed "Girls Night In," was supposed to include a gift certificate for online wine shopping. Since delivery alcohol sales are banned in KY, my box didn't include the certificate. I think I would have felt like the box had much more value with the gift card. As it arrived, it definitely felt a little generic/cheap.... Here's what it looked like upon arrival:

The box contained quite a few generic brand promotional items. No-name-brand nail polish from The Mindy Project and New Girl, TV shows on FOX, and a nail file from The Mindy Project. Ugh. I'd value these as pretty much worthless, because they are crap quality and are probably given away at Walmart or something to anybody who would *please* take one. Gross.

There was a bottle of Fruit 2 0 water, value at less than $1 since a case of 28 bottles goes for $19.95 on Amazon (and has a whopping ONE star average review. Great.).

There's a scarf from the Ford Warriors in Pink campaign.... kind of pretty, also value of? What? Like $2? It is very thin and I'm sure is given away at breast cancer events by the thousands.

The Hills Bros Cappuccino mix ($3.24) at, maybe we will use. Looks like a slightly more grownup version of hot chocolate. Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm is nice and will get used, value $8.99. The Tree Hut hand cream I can't find anywhere but the closest is a 9 oz tube of lotion by the same company on that sells for $3.99, which would make this tube worth about $1.33. The Zaca Recovery patches are interesting. You apply them before you start a big night out to help you "feel better long after you're done with the party." They sell for $19.95 for 6 which makes these two worth about $6.65. I'll be trying these on Friday for Derby Eve festivities! ;)

So.... I paid $14 for this box and in my opinion the value comes to about $23. Definitely not overwhelmed by the box's awesomeness, but can definitely see how much better it would have been with wine included! I am expecting a few more boxes from Cravebox over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully it only goes up from here!

If you would like to check out Cravebox, you can read more about it HERE. If you decide to sign up, be a doll and put me down in the Referred By box of your About Me Profile section! My Cravebox referral name is stlouischick :)

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