Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent Tributes

After seeing quite a few socialites at recent Derby events privy to a secret I know, I thought it was time to share. I'm more than a bit obsessive about shoes and have spent many a painful hour squished or squeezed or aching, just for the sake of fashion - and (as sick as it is!) I have always been happy to do it! Years ago, however, I discovered the perfect heel. For real. Perfect. All the added drama and height you want. Boatloads of style. And, seriously, they feel pretty much like wearing flats even after wearing them actively for HOURS.....

Behold. The Tribute sandal from Yves Saint Laurent!

They are a Hollywood staple and once you start looking for them, I promise you are going to see them EVERYWHERE. Every season they are released in a variety of materials and colors and there are different heel heights - but even the tallest are ridiculously SUPER comfy!!

Here are the ones I'm wearing for the Derby eve festivities tomorrow night!

My super fab two tone ones are from S/S 2012 but there are solid silver ones available HERE.

Now, admittedly, I'm spoiled and tend to take shoes a little seriously. I fully appreciate that most people can't spend bucks like that on a pair of sandals (and would think it was crazy even if they could! LOL). Lucky for you I've seen SO many knockoffs like this one by GUESS  and this $26 version from Qupid. Styles just like the YSL's are in EVERY major department store right now. Even though I can't testify to their comfort, I'd venture it's worth a shot since they look so similar!

So, there you go! One of my (and Hollywood's ;) secret weapons!! I'd love to learn some of yours!! Happy dancing into the night and happy Derby!!


  1. I have 5 pair and counting. The absolutely MOST comfortable shoe!!!! Looking for my next pair!!!