Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mexico Part 1! Fun long weekend in the sun!

Hubs and I recently spent four nights in Cancun to celebrate my birthday. Honestly, I know it's spoiled of me, but I was super disappointed at these travel plans. We were booked to go to The Exumas, Bahamas and play with the swimming pigs and had to cancel last minute because of a tropical storm. Seriously, last minute. As in completely different country, hotel, flights, everything about 18 hours before we were scheduled to depart. Have you ever done this?? It was nuts. 

The path of the storm didn't leave many options, nor did the last-minute plane tickets, so we wound up in Cancun. We have been to Cancun 3 or 4 times and it's been fine.... never outstanding, and the drug cartel situation continues to freak me out about Mexico (I know, I know, far from Cancun, but still). So, my expectations were pretty low....

The travel from Louisville to Cancun is a piece of cake. One layover in Atlanta, about 5 hours total travel time. Great, except for the fact that OUR BAGS DIDN'T MAKE THE CONNECTION (again!!). OMG. This JUST happened on our trip to Santa Barbara in May and, as we were leaving another airport with no suitcases, I honestly couldn't believe it was happening again. United was a nightmare in May (and still are, situation remains unresolved) but to Delta's credit, they were super nice. They gave us little travel bags of toiletries - even a crappy thin t-shirt that I wound up sleeping in that night just to have something clean. Not off to a great start BUT a Delta agent delivered our bags in the middle of the night (impressed!), so the situation could have been much worse. 

Toothpaste and deo are always a bonus.

We were booked on one of the top two floors at the ME Cancun. These floors are called "The Level" and offer concierge services and all kinds of extra amenities on top of the all-inclusive package. Hubs and I had seen this resort of Rock of Love and were excited to see it in person! Are we the only ones who watched and loved that show??? LOL!

Exclusive check-in and concierge desk for The Level

View from lobby on The Level 

First impression of the beach? GORGEOUS. Seriously. The walkable sand goes on FOREVER in both directions, the sand is super clean and soft, the water is crystal clear. Why have we been so negative about this place?? It's pretty much perfect.... At night the hotel transforms into all kinds of little specially lit bars and seating areas and looks so much like Vegas or Miami. So impressed. So, so impressed. More to come soon!! :D

View to the left

View to the right

Happy to be there! And happy I put a bathing
suit for each of us in my carry on! LOL! 

First sunset, from our room. Ok, I was wrong, Mexico. You're fab!

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