Monday, August 26, 2013

Ambition Box August Favorites Special Edition Review

Had such a fun, busy weekend with the fam! We swam three days in a row - more days in a row than we managed all summer!! LOL! Now, it's Monday, and back to work! :)

Ambition Box is a new one for me. I signed up via their Facebook page for this one time Special Edition Favorites box. It looks like their regular website isn't working, so maybe the Facebook page is it for now! 

The cost for this box was $20 for "4 samples and 5 full sized products valued at $120." I had NO idea what to expect from this box and was excited for the surprise! 

Here's first looks:

Doh. I could smell the nail polish leakage before I ever opened it! :(

Exact quantities promised, 4 samples and 5 full size

And the breakdown:

Celazome Lip Treat, $33 - 
I'm sure this will come in handy during cold winter months!

Celazome Serum Vitae, $56 - Always up for trying a new moisturizer! Wish there were some reviews for it on Amazon!

Nikki's Magic Wand, $8 -  
These are made to reach into the bottoms, sides and shoulders of makeup tubes. The side of the box says  something about "Finish your makeup, there are models starving everywhere!" LOL!

Nailtiques Polish, $10 -
A pretty color! Wish hadn't leaked!

Salt Air Roll On Perfume Oil, $10 - A nice, simple, fresh scent. I like these little rollerballs for my purse! Scent definitely doesn't  seem to last long, but it's fun to reapply! Haha!

Samples: Olivella Nourishment Cream, Global Goddess Hair Treatment, Waxelene (petroleum jelly alternative), Show Stoppers fabric/skin tape. 

Ugh. What is it with me and the crappy box luck??? It seems like I'm always having some kind of leakage, broken, weird issue... I have emailed Ambition Box about my box. I'll update here when I get a reply! Regardless, it's always fun to try something new! :) 

I came up with a total value of $117 + samples, so pretty much right on the promised value. I'm curious if anyone else got this box and what you got?? There is some kind of bracelet on their Facebook page and I'm wondering if the boxes were all the same or different! 

** UPDATE ** Customer service never responded. Disappointed and won't buy again. Fail.

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