Saturday, May 25, 2013

California Love, Part 2. Let's shop!

So, obviously, shopping was involved! Haha! I picked up lots of goodies, here are some of my favorites!

Cute monogram crossbody bag

Necklace by The Giving Keys, "Inspire." I LOVE the concept of this jewelry line! Each piece is unique, made from a recycled/vintage key, and then embossed with a single word message. You are supposed to pick a message that means something to you, wear it, then give it away at some point to someone who needs the message. When you give it away you are supposed to write to the company and tell them your story and about what prompted you to give it away. The company employs people who are looking to transition out of homelessness, which is a cool bonus.

I picked "inspire," because that's what I'm trying to do with this blog and with my charity, and what I am expecting the people helped by my charity to do for me. I can't wait to see the inspiration that comes to me that causes me to give this away! :)

Kitsch Hairties. I've been seeing these around and was anxious to try them out. There's a LOT of hair around my house and plenty of ponytails and messy buns to experiment with new hair ties! These are rapidly disappearing! So comfortable to wear on your wrist when you're not using them, like my little one does, they add a cute jolt of color to a ponytail and also feel like they will be completely damage free! I am going to have to buy more, more, more. 2 of my 5 have already been confiscated by American Girl doll updos! LOL!

They were literally locking the doors on us while we were in Saks. They said "you better go before you get locked in here!" and I'm thinking "umm.... I'd kind of LOVE to be locked in here!!" LOL! So we did some super quick shopping. Hubs bought my birthday present (disclosed later, I'm supposed to act surprised!) and I grabbed a new pair of hot pink Chanel sunnies! Love them!!

Omg, I love Urban Outfitters SO much. It's just so completely random. They were having a sale while we were there that was an extra 50% off the lowest price of clearance items and it made lots of things $5. I can't pass up anything for $5! I bought a big pile of weird things that nobody else wanted for $5 each, including this t-shirt that hubs spotted that is PERFECT for that *one* friend of ours! She's so excited! Hahaha. And I got a cute new phone case! Fun! :)

Well, I can't pass by a store stuffed floor to ceiling with costumes, stripper clothes, gag gifts and general crap. Can't do it. I would have gone in anyway but the hot pink gorilla out front sealed the deal. This place is INSANE. My link is to their photos on Facebook, just to give you an idea of the clutter and chaos! Looooove it!! I'm sure there were MANY things I needed, but I only left with a skull scarf and a faux animal tail. I bought a couple of these tails in Beijing last year and can always use another one. Can't we all?? Wait, maybe it's just me.... Haha

We grabbed a bottle of ghost pepper salsa from a random general store in wine country, but it's kind of a bust. Definitely not hot enough for me to find exciting. I'm always on the search for the perfect insanely hot salsa. Is there a better one than Mrs. Renfro's? I obvs want it super hot, but it's got to be flavorful, too, and preferably chunky (are these always so pureed to disperse the ghost peppers??). Recommendations always eagerly appreciated!

Is this getting boring?? Okay, okay, I'll stop and wrap it up here. I've got many other new treasures, though! Oh, and I also bought lots of makeup, undies and DayQuil at Rite Aid on the day our bags were lost, but don't figure you want to read about/see that! LOL! More on our California adventures coming next week! Happy long Memorial Day weekend everyone!! Give your family a squeeze and spend some time together doing something FUN!! :)


  1. Is that "Awesome" shirt for Sarah? I could totally see her wearing that because she is AWESOME! DUH! lol!
    Love the CC sunglasses and super jealous b/c 1. pink is my fav coluh and 2. well they are CC! I love the key necklace. You inspire me I have told you that before so what a fitting phrase for you!!! Hugs! Can't wait to read more!

    1. Omg... The shirt IS for Sarah! Hahahahaha