Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ipsy June Glam Bag Review, "On the Wild Side"

I've seen mixed reviews on this month's Ipsy bag but, I gotta say, I love it again! And I LOVE Ipsy in general. If you are looking for a way to dip a toe into the world of subscription boxes, I suggest you start here! It's only $10/month and always delivers great value for your money!! 

This month's theme is "On the Wild Side" and I love, love, love the animal print/neon bag. I've seen it compared to Snooki and... um... not even gonna try to act like I haven't rocked a Snooki-sized bump more than once (as in yesterday)! Hahaha!! 

Here's first looks!

And the breakdown:

Cailyn eyeliner ($21): With this the value is already twice the price of the bag! Nice! I received the brown one of these in my Blush Mystery Beauty Box last month, so I'm glad to have a different color! I had a hard time last weekend with the traditional liquid eyeliner I've been trying to use up, so it's time to give these a GO!! We used this for face art for nerd night at the cheer gym and, as for lasting power, I can confirm that it lasted flawlessly in mustache form through a 2 hour intense and sweaty cheerleading practice! LOL!

J.Cat Sparkling cream palette ($5): It recommends not using this chunky glitter on eyes, which I would also recommend. Have you ever used chunky glitter on your eyes?? It can quickly turn into NOT FUN! This can be used anywhere else on body, etc., and my girls are ALL about it! I've already seen it on lips multiple times! Haha!

NYX cream blush ($7): Um... something in my profile must make Ipsy think I'm super tan (I'm not)? This blush is much darker brown than it looks in my picture. But, you know, maybe they know something I don't know! I'm thinking it's for more of a bronzer effect and I'm going to give it a shot! 

Chella ivory lace Face Highlighter ($18): I'm so excited about this one!! The fact that it is sold on, one of my favorite higher end cosmetic/body product sites, gets me even more excited! It's supposed to brighten, open and lift eyes when used under brows or can be used lightly to fade dark circles, blemishes, etc. This is totally something I would have bought on my own! 

Starlooks Lip Pencil ($12): Eh, don't use lip liner. This will be going into a future giveaway!

Bauble Bar bracelet ($12): Bonus item for referrals last month! Thanks ladies!! :)

There's always coupon codes included to buy more of these great products online and all of the fun info on the Ipsy website to learn about the products. And how fun is it that these items are all FULL-SIZED??? My bag (without the bonus item) was worth a total of $63 for only $10! I love it!! It was worth $10 for the fun the girls had with the glitter and eyeliner alone!! Haha!

If you'd like to try Ipsy - and really, who wouldn't?? - please please use my referral link! It's good karma! Haha! Thank you! 

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