Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Louisville Restaurant Review: Hammerheads

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Ok... this is a Louisville restaurant that we've been hearing about for a while. Hammerheads, in Germantown. We stopped by there last weekend for a quick dinner and, um.... the place smells meaty. Or maybe not meaty as much as SMOKEY, and I was wearing this on my way to a fashion event and not real pumped about smelling like that for the rest of the night. You walk down a couple of stairs to get in there and it's small and... I just wasn't sure about it. Time gave us limited choices, however, so we pulled up seats at the bar (closest to the door for any chance of ventilation! LOL!).

The menu is definitely meat-centric, lots of brisket and pork and ribs and housemade burgers of unusual selections like venison and elk. We went with sandwiches and truffle fries. OMG the truffle fries. Those might seriously be the best fries I have ever had in my life. EVER.

Garcia (veggie) burger + pretzel bun,  $9

Beef Brisket Sandwich with pretzel bun, $9

Truffle fries, $5 x 2. Like a basket of hot crack. Really. These fries alone will necessitate a return trip! 

Doesn't it look delicious?? It was freakin' DELICIOUS. You can view the entire menu here

And let me just take a minute to comment on how over the top nice the service was. Seriously, just wonderful service from general runner who was cleaning tables and directed us to our seats to the bartender who served us. 

We've heard such great things about so many things on the menu - we will be back specifically to try the Grippos fries and mac and cheese balls! LOVED Hammerheads and can't wait for the return trip! 

** UPDATE 11/8/13 ** Can't get enough Hammerheads! We've been back for an even better return trip, given dinner here as birthday gifts and are returning tonight for third time! Place is amazing.

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