Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blush Mystery Beauty Box May Review

Ahh.... So good to be home after a fabulous four nights in Santa Barbara! More on California later this week! :) I had a couple of boxes waiting on me and this is one I was super excited to get to! The Blush Beauty Mystery Box! This box is $34.95 a month, or $24.95 a month with subscription (plus tax, so $26.45 to Kentucky), and promises over $100 worth of product. Here's the first looks:

Cute branded drawstring bag! 

 And the goodies! 

First thing I noticed was the little bag from Bauble Bar. Woot! Only the first 2,000 boxes were going to get this item and I was pumped to get one! There were three possible styles. Mine is the Pink Ice Disk style, which looks to be a different color than the ones available online, which is cool. I would definitely have picked a skull or something on my own, so it's good to have gotten something new to try! This style is available in a set of pick 3 for $36, so I'm giving it a value of $12. The included card has a unique code for $15 off of $40 and... ugh, I hate when they include these types of deals in boxes but I LOVE so many things on this site. Will most likely get suckered into using this one!

The next item which was leaked as a spoiler on this box is the set of Skylark nail polishes ($29)! Adorbs! I love these! I've never used this brand of polish and I'm excited to try it! I hope the colors are as bright as they look in the bottles!!

The next couple of items are Nick Chavez Advanced Volume Conditioner ($24) and B. Kamins BB Cream (.5 oz, $14). I looooove big hair! I'm all for any product that makes it bigger and bigger, so I'm excited about this! Haha! And love the fact that it's FULL SIZE so I can really give it a good try! I've heard so much lately about BB Cream and am excited to finally have some to use. Hope it's as miraculous as it claims to be!! I'm travel weary! I could use a miracle! LOL!

The final full size item is Chocolate Mousse eyeliner from Cailyn ($21). This is another brand that's new to me, which is so fun!! I used to LOVE eyeliner.... this might just be the product to get me back into it! The dramatic looks on their website are really cool!

There were a few little bonus samples, SkinCeuticals SPF 45 and COTZ Face SPF 40 (love these little sunscreen samples to throw in bags throughout the summer!) and Vichy Labs ProEVEN.

Altogether I came up with a value of $100 plus the bonus samples. Pretty good deal! I am super happy with this box, especially since it had a practical item (the conditioner) that was worth as much as I paid for the whole thing! If you would like to try the Blush Beauty Box, let me know! I can send you a referral email and we will both get $10 if you join!

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