Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bulu Box August Review

Ugh... I cancelled Bulu last month but still got the August box. I can't find a charge for it yet, but I'm sure the drama is coming! LOL! I'm definitely kind of over this box but, since I've got it, I'll do a quick review just in case anyone is interested!

Bulu boxes are $10/month (or less with longer subscription) and contain 4-5 health, nutrition and weight loss samples to try. This box is the regular subscription. There is also a weight loss box available. 

Here's first looks of the August box:

And a quick breakdown:

BioCell Collagen, $.67

Raw Protein, $1.50

New Body Nutrition Passiontone,  $1.25

Ache & Pain Relief To-Go, $1.25

Tranquility Kare sleep aid, $2.25

So I came up with a quick value of about $7 for this box. There's a point/reward system associated with Bulu that basically gives you $1 for each item you review, so reviewing this box gives you $5 to spend in the Bulu store. It definitely helps to offset the cost of the box and the fact that it rarely seems to be worth the $10 price. It just annoys me how small the samples tend to be, though. How can you tell how you feel about a product from ONE dose??

What do you think of Bulu? Are there people out there who are huge fans?? If you want to try it, please click through one of my referral links and try one of these codes to get your first box free: TWEET10 or FIRSTFREE or BOX6885 or DISCOVER. 

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