Monday, July 22, 2013

Goodies July Taster's Box Review

This is my first month of Goodies and.... eh.... definitely not wowed. Goodies subscription service costs $7/month and delivers a box of snacks and drinks to sample at home. This company is an affiliate of Wal-Mart (gross) so one positive is that if you find something you love, it should be easier to locate than the obscure products you sometimes find in other boxes! 

Here's first looks:

Felt heavy but....

Looks pretty empty :(

And the breakdown:

Cherry Lovers Candies, $1.50 - yummy, like fancy bigger jelly beans!
Crunchmaster Crackers, $.50

The Better Chips, $1.50
Cosmo Creations Cinnamon Crunch, $1.50 - the kiddos were 

scrambling for last bite of this pack!

FruitWater, $1.50 - Goodies box exclusive, which is cool

So, I came up with a total of $6.50, less than what I paid for the box. There just wasn't much in there this time... I felt like this one was a bit of a dud but I'm going to give it a couple more months before I bail! I know they have recently started a kids' box, too, so I'm hoping that they were just too busy to get a stellar box together this month!

There are a couple of different coupon codes you can try to get your first month free. PSsJ6kXrP or IAfbP2. Select the $7/month plan and make sure you apply the code and get a first box FREE confirmation before you check out. Good luck! Anything is worth trying for free, right? LOL! 


  1. This month's box sucked. Your chips look better than mine though, mine were kale flavored.

    1. Omg... I love sushi but just can't get into all of the seaweed flavored snack and that's what I imagine kale chips tasting like!! Lol!

  2. we loved our box and got the exact same thing!

    1. I wasn't unhappy with it as much as it just seems like so little stuff. That bag of crackers literally had like 6 or 7 crackers in it?