Saturday, July 13, 2013

KlutchClub Men's June Box Review

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It's so annoying to me that this is the "June" box and it arrived July 6th. The only info available on the website right now is for the JULY box, which I won't receive until the first week of August... I wish KlutchClub would straighten that out! 

Anywho, KlutchClub offers monthly subscription boxes geared towards men, women or moms for the price of $18/month/box (or a little less with longer commitment). The boxes include $50+ of healthy snacks, fitness programs, personal-care items, supplements, etc. We get the men's box because this is right up the hub's alley! 

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown!

Neo-Chill ($4.40) and Neo-Energy ($4.40). You've got one to wake up you and one to make you sleep... isn't this the way vicious drug addiction cycles begin?? Hahaha three month subscription ($50, first 15 days free, then $20/month)

Coupon for $5 off Tea of a Kind

NYCmusic two free album downloads ($10?)

Gizmo Tea of a Kind ($2)

Locklaces no tie shoelace system ($8)

Beanfields Sea Salt Beans and Rice Chips ($3)

BlueprintBar ($3?) - can only find them available online through Fresh Direct?

Ola! Foods granola vanilla almond ($1) - noticed that this company donates ALL net proceeds to a foundation! Impressive!

So this box was a little weird for me.... The value is technically there, $85.80 (without the coupon), but most of that value ($60) is in the online yoga classes and what looks like meditation music. If those aren't something you are interested in, well.... it's pretty far off the $50 value promised. It's still mostly a hit for us, though, so I'll be sticking around! 

If you are interested in trying KlutchClub, please use my referral link (here and above). Thank you! Try code JUNEBOX to see if it still works to save 20% off your entire subscription! 

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