Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Restaurant Review: August Moon

Hubs and I headed out for dinner a few nights ago and, after debating lots of new places, we wound up at one of our longtime favorites, Louisville staple August Moon Chinese Bistro! 

What to wear?? It was SO mild all summer and, now that it's the end of August, it's been SCORCHING hot! So I took the chance to get in another cute summer ensemble! 

* See by Chloe seersucker apron dress
* Bauble Bar chunky crystal necklace from August Mystery Makeover box 

* Juicy Couture suede wedges

There are so many great things to eat here, but it happened to be happy hour so we sat at the bar to take advantage of drink specials and the small plate menu! They have lots of things to try and I think small plates are $5 each? It's a fun way to have dinner out, ordering 3 or 4 things to share (even though that's not what we did this time... LOL!). 

Finlandia Vodka Fusion Blood Orange Martini, $5 on Happy Hour (normally $6.50) - Made with fresh blood orange puree, super tart and SO good! 

Veggie Spring Rolls, $2.50 per roll - Nobody likes super spicy more than I do but WHOO, their house made mustard is HOT! 

Sichuan Style Hot and Sour Soup, $3.50 - One of hubby's faves!

And for entrees!
Thai Curry Vegetable Bowl with  Warm Naan, $5 - Okay, this right here. This is why we went. It's one of my hands down favorite dishes ANYWHERE. It's only available at the bar during happy hour (4-7 I think?) but, OMG, it's my vegetarian dreams come true!! 

Hot and Spicy Beef and Vegetables, $14 - Definitely not the hubby's favorite thing he's had here. He didn't even take the leftovers home! 

Seriously, I will go back over and over for the Thai Curry dish! LOL! You can view the entire August Moon menu here

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