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September Empties!

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It's that time again! Time to feel crazy while I take pictures of a month's worth of trash! Haha!!

Each month I save up things that the fam and I have completely used up and finished. We have tons of new and partially used goodies around our home and I started this project to motivate me to try some new things. It's so easy to just reach for the same thing again and again, you know?? It's actually been really fun and I hope you enjoy this monthly peek "behind the scenes," too! 

I include bath and body products - except things that are obviously TOO TMI! haha! - and some household things that I feel strongly enough about to share! Let's see what we got into in August!! 

Stuff the girls used

1. Victoria's Secret Give Me the Shimmer Body Powder - oh, this thing was soooo fun to use! Big soft fluffy poof that delivers shimmer powder. I loved it, and the girls did, too!!

2. Zenology Cleansing Body Wash - the black tube looks fancy for the kids, no? They love fancy! ;)

3. Cosmetics from their stashes - Hello Kitty glitter polish and Expressions glitter lip glosses that finally turned gunky, YSL Parisenne perfume. The tooth fairy brought this perfume sample and it was a huge hit! 

More stuff used by the kiddos...

4. The girls are continuing to work through some of our excess guest room supplies!

- H2O Aquatics Disney - Lotion, Shampoo with Conditioner, Bath Soap and Conditioner - love bringing bathroom goodies home from Disney!
- REN Grapeseed Jojoba and Shea Body Cream
- Heavenly by Westin White Tea + Aloe Conditioner - this stuff worked wonders on my oldest's hair! Surprisingly fabulous!
- C.O.Bigelow conditioner - smelled great, lavender + peppermint

Stuff used in grownup shower/tub

5. Zest Aqua Body Wash - great basic body wash! Hubs loves it, and I do, too! :) Kroger keeps giving it to me, so I keep taking it! Haha!

6. LUSH Karma Bubble Bar - oh Lush.... The stuff is so fab. Used this to take my first real bath in forever and it remains my favorite. The smell is just absolutely to die for and it lingered in my bathroom and adjacent closet for days! Need more baths!!!

7. Lulah Peony Body Wash - this body wash came in the August PopSugar. I sure do love getting something luxurious AND practical! It went straight in the shower and made me smile every time I used it! Smells super fab but the scent doesn't last long enough for me. I like my shower gel to last for HOURS, you know? So I enjoyed it but wouldn't buy again.

Body lotions

8. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter - looooove the body butters from The Body Shop. They are second only to Bliss in my book! Works wonders on my always dry upper arms, for sure, and this tub smelled just like summer should!!

9. P.S. I Love You lotion from Bath & Body Works - I was going to finish up this bottle that the girls had started and OMG. This stuff turned bad somehow and REEKED like old lady perfume. We got lots of family laughs - at my expense! - out of HOW BAD it smelled!! Haha!!

10. Lush Dream Cream - omg.... This stuff is truly divine. I received it in an awesome birthday kit this summer. This is Lush's number one best selling product ever and one whiff of the chamomile, lavender and oat milk combo will tell you why! It seriously makes me want to eat it out of the pot!! LOVE.

11. Prestiche Body Butter - I did a review on this product earlier and, sadly, never grew to love it any more than I did at the start! It was too expensive to not use up, though, so I worked my way through it!

Misc travel sizes

12. We spent a long weekend in LA for the Emmys and I love using trips as time to use up some sample/travel size goodies! 

- Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion - love anything Aveda and this smells just as amazing as all the rest
- Bliss bubbling body wash - love Bliss, have loved everything I've ever tried from them
- Flowerbomb Bomblicious Shower Gel - omg, Flowerbomb has been my favorite for years! I used this as an extra treat for my shower on Emmys day! :)
- REN Grapeseed Jojoba and Shea Butter Body Cream
- Lanvin conditioner and bar soaps - OMG!! Our hotel in Beverly Hills stocked Lanvin toiletries!! Whaaaaat??? Wanted to hoard but the place was too classy for me to ever see a maids cart! LOL! Stuff smells Ah-Mazing
- Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste - WHEW, this stuff is STRONG

Stuff the Schnauzer used! LOL

13. Andre Walker Hair Keratin Conditioner - I bought this shampoo/conditioner set with high hopes after reading about its smoothing and wonderful qualities. Um... Hair felt weighed down and greasy, the opposite of what I want for my big curly locks. I used about 2/3 and the remainder really did get used on the Schnauzer..... Just sayin'!

14. Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Conditioners - yep, used these on the dog, too. I'm trying desperately to fight her hair knots! Idk if you can see it, but there are teeth marks on the one in the middle. Boo Bitty is not the hugest fan of baths! LOL!

Tanners and Nails

15. Bella Bronze Self-Tanner - this stuff is... okay. Nothing special. Definitely not 3 or 4 times more special than some drugstore brands that are a fraction of the price!

16. Julep one-step polish remover pad - I received this as a sample in a Julep box and packed it to do my nails fresh on Emmys day. It was... Ok. Convenient to pack, but seemed like barely enough to get by and I didn't have much polish on my nails. Def wouldnt have been enough to remove ten fingers worth of one of the Julep glitter polishes or something like that!

17. Tan Towels - been a fan of these for years! So easy to use and nice, light, natural color. 


18. Disney Princess Gummy Vitamins - I've been doing so well at remembering to give the girls their vitamins! Yay me! These aren't anything particularly fun but they like them! :)

19. Equate allergy relief - ugh.... Including this just to share the misery. I had no allergies when I moved to Louisville in 2001, now I drown in them twice a year! :(

20. Target Wet Wipes - is there a mom who DOESN'T love wet wipes??? I loved them long before I was a mom, too!! Haha!

21. Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac - I tried to ease off the antibacterial use through the summer but, alas, here comes fall and people around here are already having some weird ailments, so out come the pocket bacs! We have these stashed everywhere - cars, purse, backpacks...

22. Old Spice Fiji deodorant - still borderline TMI, still too good not to include it. Seriously. Hubs loves it - and me, too! ;)

Various cleansers
 23. Cotton Balls (in back) - omg, we go through so many. And they are always "Jumbo," which with these from Kroger still wasn't very big. Do they even make "regular" ones anymore??

24. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes - I received these in my summer FabFitFun box and, I mean, how can wet wipes not be good?? I'm still not crazy about the super cucumber smell but these really wound up on my nerves due to their weird thickness and texture. They kind of balled/rolled up when trying to use them, negating the convenience for me. Wouldn't rebuy, for sure.

25. Cotton rounds - *sigh* I'm trying hard to squirt eye makeup remover on these to make them the same as the Simple wipes.... They just aren't. Need the Simple wipes back in my life.

26. Dickinsons Witch Hazel oil controlling towelettes - I received these wayyyy back in my Allure Summer box and am slowly working my way through them. They are do easy to pack and really feel so refreshing and cleansing for a traveling face wash alternative!

27. Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads - package after package of these... I'll be back, oh yes, I'll be back!

28. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gels - I received these in my September Ipsy bag and was happy to see them! My allergies have been atrocious and school morning have come WAY early! I'm open to any eye help and these were nice and refreshing!!

29. Supergoop SPF 30 Everyday Sunscreen - yep, like everyone else, I love me some Supergoop. Their "healthy" approach to sunscreen with no controversial ingredients is much appreciated, especially when you use as much SPF as we do! And my sometimes sensitive and weird skin has never had a problem with one of their products. Love.

30. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC cream in Warm Glow - eh.... I've yet to find a BB/CC cream that I like more then my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. This one is kind of orange (I feel like these creams are orange in general??) and is definitely a little greasy in texture. One bonus of that, though, is that the stuff sticks together and slides right down in the tube! No excess stuck in the top/end that you cant use up! Lol!

31. Crest Whitening Toothpaste - still borderline TMI, still going to share since people are always curious about a dentist's family. My family uses whatever I buy and could pretty much care less! LOL!

32. Airbrush Refining Eye Cream - *only pictured in overall group shot* this is the second little tub of this that I've gotten from Blush Mystery box and it's growing on me! It's definitely a great, basic, moisturizing eye cream but, unlike the first tub, I'm pretty sure I actually felt kind of airbrushed a couple of times when I used this one! ;)

What do you think?? Do you see anything you love on this list?? I'm so nosy by nature and I'd LOVE to see your empties for October! I'd like to start a monthly linkup for this, if anyone else wants to play along! Grab a bag and start saving them up! You might just be surprised at how much - or how little - you actually consume!! 

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