Friday, August 23, 2013

Date night! Bruno Mars Concert!

Woot Woot! One of the best parts about living in a bigger city with A+ facilities? Every awesome concert comes through town! Last weekend we had tickets to the Bruno Mars show and got together with some friends to make a night of it!! 

First of all, always, what to wear?? Here's what I went with!

* V neck t-shirt from Victoria's Secret Pink. My favorite! These are perfect!!

* Current Elliott tie dye crop jeans

* Bauble Bar rose gold pimp necklace

* Old Navy sequin crossbody

* Christian Louboutin 140mm Bianca in Hot Pink

And then, next question, what to drink?? Hubs created a signature drink for the pre-party, a Mars martini! 

The extensive ingredients! 

One of the test runs!

I'm not sure what the mixture, etc., involved, but the thing tasted like dessert, kind of like a (cold) hot chocolate/white russian mix? He even froze the candy bars to try to use chunks of them as "ice cubes"! Creative! :)

I made the Bourbon Baked Brie that is one of our favorite, favorite apps (recipe here)! OMG... that thing is delicious. I was so excited to eat it, I totally forgot to take a picture of how pretty it looks right out of the oven. Here's a delicious plate that I reheated the next day! 

nom nom nom nom 

We headed downtown to the YUM Center and I tried to get all the University of Kentucky fans in our group to take a pic with our beloved Louisville Cardinal bird (and throw up the "L" that's our team sign)... kind of a fail. For those who don't know, this rivalry is serious business! LOL!

We ran into a friend who had basically an empty suite to himself so we gathered up our friends and moved to primo seats! Lots of room for dancing, dancing, dancing!! 

View from the suite! Nice!

The crew!

So many selfie FAILS, this one was at least not totally ridiculous! LOL!

Yep... DANCIN'... 

And a few pics of Mr. Mars! Most of my pics were super blurry from dancing! LOL!

Such a FUN night out!! Love this city and LOVE the chance to cut loose!! 


  1. sigh. i'm jealous of everything here :)

    1. Haha! It was pretty fun! So good to cut loose with grownups!! :D