Sunday, July 28, 2013

FabFitFun Summer Box Review

No, seriously. What IS it with me and my streak of bad luck lately? This box was yet another disaster....

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box curated by Giuliana Rancic. Each box costs $49.99 with shipping included and is supposed to include the hottest seasonal items in beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness with a retail value of over $100. The inaugural box launched in the spring and had tons of issues (out of date items, missing items, wide range of values). I had high hopes for the summer box, thinking they were going to knock it out of the park after getting off to a shaky start! 

I got my initial shipping notice on July 6th. Unfortunately, the box was being shipped to someone with my name in CALIFORNIA - I'm in Kentucky. This resulted in tons of e-mails, me being given a new tracking number to ANOTHER California address, and TEN days later, finally threatening to challenge the charge with Amex if I didn't get a box ASAP. Well, that sparked enough interest that they generated a new box and shipped it to me. 

I FINALLY received my box on July 24th and, O.M.G., it was totally jacked up. Lip gloss broken and all over everything, only edible item was melted, the high value item sunglasses were BENT to the point that they seriously just have to go in the trash. Unwearable and unfixable. WTF. This resulted in a NEW set of e-mails and I am now supposed to be receiving a replacement box... No shipping info on that yet... What a cluster F. I'll update if the replacement ever arrives.

In the meantime, here's first looks of the Summer box:

Doh. I could already see the lip gloss leakage :(

And the breakdown:

Evian Mineral Water Facial Mist - $12 . LOVE this! So light and refreshing. I've been using this in the mornings!

Infinity Sun Glow on the Go self tanner - $30. I love me some self-tanner and this will get used eventually!

Pur-Lisse Soy Milk Cleanser - $36.  This is supposed to be so gentle and non-stripping/drying. I'm using it next when my current face wash is done!

It Hair Care Surf Spray - $7. My naturally curly hair hasn't had much luck with all the surf sprays... I passed this one on to the girls and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately the waves didn't last very long and their hair wound up feeling crunchy and stiff, like it was FULL of hairspray. They both want big hair like Mom so I'm sure they will play with it until it's eventually gone! LOL! Here's their results:

Noticeable enough for them to be excited! Ha! 

Catalina Su Lip Gloss - $14. Busted. Fail.

Orly polish - $7. I've seen mixed reviews on the colors. Mine is a sparkly teal, perfect for cheer competitions for my kiddo's All-Star team, so WIN for us! :)

Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes - $3. I love packs like this, especially for traveling or days out with the girls!

KIND bar - $2. Melted, FAIL, but I think the hubs has already eaten it! LOL!

Ivory + Mason sunglasses, $135. Big ticket item FAIL. You can see how bent/uneven ear pieces are below. The style is not my favorite, either, but supposedly there is an exchange possibility for $10.

What on earth. Busted up hot mess.

So what do you think? The value *should* have been right at $250, which is great. I still think this subscription has tons of potential, but it feels a little bit like a more expensive version of PopSugar (which I LOVE) to me... Assuming I get my replacement box, I'll be sticking around for their 3rd box, coming in September, so we will see how that one goes! 

If you would like to try FabFitFun, please use my referral link, here and above. Thank you! I have a unique coupon code for $10 off a box that I think will only work one time. It's "387873." Please leave me a comment if you use it! Thanks! :D

*** UPDATE *** I received a replacement box and the items had been individually sealed with tape to prevent any leaks, which was nice. The nozzle on the spray tan bottle was detached and rattling around... it seems to be otherwise fine. The sunglasses are better than the original pair but still too bent/crooked to be wearable. I'm thinking it's a manufacturing defect? I gave feedback on this replacement box, too. I now have usable parts of both boxes that more than give me my money's worth. I know it takes time to work out glitches with subscription boxes and I've got high hopes for the September FabFitFun box! 



  1. Thanks so much for the honest review! I have been wondering about Fab Fit Fun. I had to comment, though, because of your fiesta ware! I <3 Fiesta Ware! I have orange, peacock, cobalt and the ivory color. I kinda wish I had red...but I couldn't pull off orange AND red in my kitchen...
    Jennifer @ Momsgotmail

    1. Love my fiesta ware! There's no rhyme or reason to my pieces, the brighter the better! And the things are pretty much kid-proof! ;)