Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Isabel Marant + H&M

OMG. Okay.... there are designer collaborations and then there are DESIGNER COLLABORATIONS. H&M has pulled off some FAB fashion on the cheap (Karl Lagerfeld anyone??? eeeek!) and has another treat on the way. November 14 will see the launch of Isabel Marant + H&M with pieces from $25 - $400. Get ready, this is going to be a crazy one!! Surely, SURELY, it's going to be available online!!

Marant has said "I am my own muse." Love.

Ok... first things first. Isabel Marant. It doesn't get much bigger than this for bad ass, high end, IT GIRL fashion. Season after season Marant cranks out must have pieces that are hoarded by top fashionistas around the world. 

Her wedge sneakers are everywhere and have spawned a million copies. Ugh... When I start looking at pictures, I want it ALL. A hippie/groupie/biker look wins me every time!! 

Okay... so the pieces in the H&M collection. Here are a few of the things I LOVE from the leaked photos. Look at that little girl's outfit??? SERIOUSLY!! Ahhhhhh!!!! You can view more here, including pieces for men!

What do you think??? Are you a super fan, too?? I am seriously excited about this collection and hope I can score some treasures on 11/14!! 


  1. I saw the lookbook & the only thing that really piqued my interested were the studded pumps .

    --- Nicole O.

    1. Really??? I could live in 90% of the lookbook! LOL!