Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box November 2013 Review NGQ01

When Quarterly announced this box I jumped right on it! The box is $100 every three months and will contain items hand-selected by the fabulous Nina Garcia. Her comment on the curation: "Being in the forefront of fashion, I am constantly exposed to new and wonderful brands, products and places. I'm excited to share these magnificent finds with you." Sounds good to me! 

I couldn't wait to see what Nina chose for her inaugural box!! I had some issues with the billing and shipping but it finally arrived, safe and sound! 

Here's first looks:

Ooooooo!!! Looks fab!! 

And the breakdown!

December Marie Claire, $4 and an awesome multi-page letter from Nina! The theme of the box is "Glam Grunge."

Essie Polish in Shearling Darling, $8 - This reminds me of Chanel Vamp, which is a cult classic!

Pearl + Luxury Soap on a Rope, $6 - The entire box smelled wonderful due to this soap! It's made of crushed pearl and charcoal! Hubs will be all about it!!

Too Faced Lip Cream in So Berry Sexy, $21 - I've heard such wonderful reviews of these lip creams! My lips get so dry and sad in the winter, I'm got high hopes for this one!

Bauble Bar Leather Cuff, $35 - OMG! I LOVE Bauble Bar and this fab cuff was designed exclusively for Nina and this box! Perfect!! There is also a $15 unique coupon code for Bauble Bar that I'll be using to pick up something chunky and sparkly! Use code CYBER20 to save 20% on entire Bauble Bar site!

Adrienne Landau Faux Fur Stole, $50 - This perfect little scarf has velcro to hold it in place. It's plush and gorgeous and I'm always happy to have faux fur - no real fur for me! My girls are obsessed with it and think it's meant to be a head wrap/cold weather ear cover. I actually think it's super cute as that, too! LOL!

Jack Vartanian Studded Ear Cuff, $50 - Price is a guess based on other blogger's guesses! This is a one-of-a-kind piece and is a clip on style. Jack Vartanian jewelry pieces are super pricey, as in thousands of dollars. This is such a fun, high-end, exclusive piece!! Love.

VBeaute Anti Age Skin Care System, $100 - Just the packaging is to die for!! It's a shiny silver egg shaped compact packed in a super sturdy outer box. Excited to try this system!! 

The box contained $270+ of super glamourous and exclusive products. I absolutely LOVED this box. It is easily one of my favorite boxes ever, ever, ever. I can't WAIT to see what Nina chooses next!! 

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