Sunday, August 18, 2013

Celeb Style DIY: Heidi Klum + Snakeskin romper!

I loooove checking out celebrity style (who doesn't??) but am not always willing (or able) to shell out the big bucks to recreate their looks. So from time to time I'm going to take a celeb look and hunt down a similar combo at a much (MUCH!) more reasonable price! Great style on a small budget? It CAN be done, folks! :)

Here is a recent look from Heidi Klum, a major snakeskin-print romper from Marie France Van Damme. 

I am crazy about this look. CRAZY. And was saddened to find that even simple caftans by this designer can run $750! Oh my goodness... okay. Let's put this entire look together for less than that price tag!   

Wet Seal Romper,  $24.43 - Tribal might be a little more real world friendly than snakeskin print! 

Forever 21 Aviators, $5.80

Forever 21 necklace, $15.80

Nine West Tote, $39.99 - The bigger the better! Us Mama's got a lot of crap to carry around! LOL!

Forever 21 sandal, $17

So the total look comes to $103.02! Much more reasonable, yeah? Love Heidi's rock star style! Such a hot momma!! 

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