Thursday, June 27, 2013

Julep Mystery Box - Miami #4 Review

I've seen such mixed reviews on the Julep Mystery Boxes but decided to take the plunge this time. The themes were Hamptons, Laguna Beach and Miami. Boxes cost $24.99 each and were supposed to contain $70-$200 of product with a few of the boxes having a bonus $600 United Airlines gift card! I was torn between Laguna and Miami, but settled on Miami and was sure I'd get the United card in mine (I didn't! LOL). Here's first looks:

More fun if it contained $600! LOL!

Definitely not a ton of product...

First thought: Boo, no gift card. Second thought: Um, okay, this is not even $70. Third thought: This stuff looks like leftovers that Julep was just trying to get rid of.

The box included a lip balm ($6) that is discontinued, so that totally felt like crap that was lying around that they just needed to get rid of. It also contained a Rock Star Hand Creme ($20). And there were three polishes:

Esmerelda ($14), a green glitter that is no longer on website either. It was last week's nails of the week
Drew ($14), a bright pink that looks a lot like Raegan from my box last month. I already put last month's up to give away since I have several similar colors, the same now for Drew.
Tina ($14), a weird purple that I'm hoping is a pleasant surprise when I use it.

What do you think? Were you happy with your box? I'm pretty annoyed with mine and its $68 value, even if that's a good deal for $25, since I heard "$70-$200" and was expecting more. And with "Maven" Pricing, I would have only paid about $54 for this stuff, which is what I feel like the "real" value should be when purchased by a member. 

I've yet to see a box reviewed that was even $100 value, much less $200.... Not that they don't exist, but they should be advertised as a "prize" if there's just one or two of them! 

You can try Julep for only $4 for your first box ($.01 + $3.99 shipping) with code FREEBOX or FREEMAVEN. It's definitely worth a shot for $4! Then cancel if you aren't thrilled! Please use my link if you go for it!! I'll be passing on these special edition mystery boxes but keeping my regular subscription going for now! :)


  1. I didn't get the mystery box this time but I agree they didn't seem as awesome as the last couple have been. Not that it will keep my from trying another mystery box ;)