Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celeb Style DIY: Jessica Alba + Ralph Lauren

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I loooove checking out celebrity style (who doesn't??) but am not always willing (or able) to shell out the big bucks to recreate their looks. So from time to time I'm going to take a celeb look and hunt down a similar combo at a much (MUCH!) more reasonable price! Great style on a small budget? It CAN be done, folks! :)

Here is a recent look from Jessica Alba, head to toe Ralph Lauren worn to a RL fashion show:

So cute and easy, right? And such a great mix of pieces for this weird time in between summer and fall/winter. The rough estimate of her look? $5,000+. (Bag $2,500, Dress $1,500, Jacket $500, Sandals $500, cuff - who knows?). Yikes. 

And now for the cheaper way! Yippee!! 

Forever 21 Dress, $25. Perhaps a tad more playful than Alba's, but I personally love a high low hemline!  

Jacket from Forever 21, $33 - How cute is this? I know we all have a denim jacket already but the softer kind of shirt styling of this one is something different and reflects the feel of Alba's!

Forever 21 Cuff, $7 - Oh, Ralph Lauren loves himself some Native American influence. A southwest theme cuff is perfect! 

Yellow Box Wedges, $41 - Ok, ok, so the snakeskin print is a little snazzier than Alba's, but I like them better and it never hurts to toughen up a pretty dress a little bit! ;)

Express Handbag, $59 - I've never bought a bag from Express but this one looks nicely structured! 

So I came up with a grand total of $165! Not bad! And some of these pieces are probably similar to basics we all already have in our closets! 

This was so much fun to do! Can't wait to bring you more celebrity style at real world prices!! 


  1. Love this! I'm a huge Jessica Alba fan, so I love that you picked her to feature a style after :)

    1. Ikr? The girl's got serious style! :)