Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Goodies September Taster's Box Review

This is my third month of Goodies and... eh... still not wowed. Goodies subscription service costs $7/month and delivers a box of snacks and drinks to sample at home. They offer a regular box (this one) and also a box geared towards kids. This company is an affiliate of Walmart (gross) so one positive is that if you find something you love, it should be easier to locate than the obscure products you sometimes find in other boxes!

I had enough points from reviews, etc., to get a free box this month. Instead of sending me my regular subscription box for free, they sent me a second box that was identical except for a couple of variations? Well... okay... LOL! I'm going to just review the first one and will explain the variations in the second box.

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Kashi Hummus Crisps 1 oz., $.75
Mario Snack Olives, $1.50

BareFruit Apple Chips .53 oz, $.75
Savory Tea Tomato Mint single tea bag, $.50
Attiki Honey, $.50

Nestle Splash Water, $1
Zone Perfect Bar, $1

The variations in my second box were a bag of Scottie Dogs licorice instead of the apple chips and the tea bag was broccoli cilantro (for real...) instead of tomato mint. 

I came up with a total value of $6 for this box. Ugh. This has been my ongoing problem with Goodies, that the value is just not there. You get points on the website when you review the products and can use those to get future boxes for free, so there is some added value there, but it takes a lot of reviews to get a single $7 box (ONE point per product or review, 300 points to earn a free box).... 

I was planning on giving this sub three months to get a good feel for it and, now that I have, I'm canceling for now. We have gotten some decent snacks that we have used and enjoyed, but I'm not into a sub that delivers less than what I'm paying, even if I'm only paying $7! I'll sign up again if/when they offer a great promo code! 


  1. i was planning to anyways but i totally canceled after that box. actually i paused my account because i've gotten some really great deals at the goodies box store! way better than the value of the box.