Thursday, September 5, 2013

Louisville Football Season Opener!

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There are a few things that make the end of summer and the looming (miserable) winter tolerable. Sweatshirt weather, pumpkin everything and, of course, COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Last weekend marked the start of the University of Louisville football season and we couldn't wait! Our team has such high hopes this year and, like everyone else, we are in love with our quarterback Teddy Bridgewater! SO excited to see him in action again!! 

Sugar Bowl Champs!

For wardrobe, I went with my school issue official jersey that I had personalized with my last name. It's my favorite! The girls stayed with their grandparents - it was HOT out - but they had their little jerseys on, too, for a little ball in the yard before gametime! 

Pep is all about football right now, declaring it her favorite sport - even above cheer and gymnastics! She's even packing the football to and from school! LOL! 

We've got an awesome group that we tailgate with and they are now the reigning tailgate champs for the 2013-14 season! We brought some of hub's homemade ghost pepper salsa and the girls and I made cake pops. OMG, the cake pops. My little one's cheer coach told me her secret and they are BOMB. Next time we make them I'll do a post and share the recipe!! 

One pre-game tradition that we love is Card March, where the team comes through a long tunnel of fans to their way into the stadium. It was CRAZY this year! People are fired up about these kids!! 

These bird masks are a whole thing... we were in the midst of a flock on our way to Card March!

Waiting on the team!

High five Coach! 

The awesome Teddy B!

Every year I feel like our seats are so happy to see us again! LOL! We have some of the best seats in the house and it was a perfect day for a ballgame! And a fun time watching a blowout! 

Seriously, there's not a much better way to spend your weekend. Get out and support a team in your community! In a couple of days we get to do it all over again! Cheers to that! GO CARDS!! 

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