Friday, October 25, 2013

FabFitFun VIP Box Fall 2013 Review + Coupon Code

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box curated by Giuliana Rancic. Each box costs $49.99 with shipping included and is supposed to include the hottest seasonal items in beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness with a retail value of over $120. 

The inaugural box launched in the spring and had tons of issues (out of date items, missing items, wide range of values). I had a few issues with the Summer box but was totally happy with how customer service handled everything. I've been looking forward to the fall box and couldn't wait to see what was included! 

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Gorjana & Griffin Scarf, $57 - This was the spoiler item for this box and I was super excited! I love the G + G scarf that was included wayyy back in the PopSugar June box and I've loved several other things from them since. This scarf was a little thinner than I was hoping, but I think the print is super cute and will be nice to brighten up dreary winter days!

Standing Slim Workout DVD, $20 - I've never tried barre and, honestly, have never had much interest in it. I definitely like fast moving cardio and my impression of this is more like slow, stretching yoga or something? No idea if that's true! LOL! I'll give it a try for sure!

Starlooks Eyeshadow Palette in St. Tropez, $41 - These colors are pretty. Would I ever have paid $40+ for this?? Probably not! LOL! I am currently obsessed with the Pink Diamonds eyeshadow in my Stila palette from PopSugar Fall Style and am already freaking out a little bit about where to get more once it's gone. I'm hoping one of these pinks (or a combo of them!) might be a replacement!

Surface Hair Treatment,  $26 - At first I was like, eh, another hair treatment, but the 10 reviews on Amazon average 5/5 stars which gets me excited!!!

Spa Ritual Nail Polish, $8 - Such a pretty, sparkly grey. I really don't think we have anything like it, which is nothing short of miraculous! LOL!

Orville Redenbachers Popcorn, $2 - Well, we LOVE popcorn around here. I know response to this item has been mixed but I think it's great!! I even have this gourmet naturals line in the pantry already, so happy to have some more!

Chia Bar, $1.50 - Hubs eats a ton of snack bars like these, always happy to get them in boxes!

Drinkwel, $2.50 - These are supplement packs for when you plan to, ahem, party a little hardy. You drink these pre-fete to ease the aftereffects. These will definitely get used! ;)

Various coupons and a little card game. $25 Gorjana  + Griffin gift code gets valued at $15 for review because their shipping rates are so ridiculous! 

*** The other spoiler item was a full-size facial cleanser from Bliss. I guess there was some mixup and these are being shipped out separately. I'm going to go ahead and include the $28 value in the value of the box because I figure it will get here eventually! :D

I came up with a total value of $201 for this box. A great deal for $49.99!! I was really happy with the assortment of items. Let's be honest, I was going to be happy with the scarf alone, so everything else was really just gravy! Haha! 

If you love this box, you can sign up now and still get this exact one before they're all gone! Use code LASTCHANCE to save $5 and please use one of my referral links! Thank you!! :)


  1. I have that palette I got from Starlooks themselves and it is nice...pigmented and the colors are great! I agree that I wouldn't spend $41 on it, but a great inclusion in a box. I got Ibiza in this box, and it's nice, too, though less colorful. :)

    1. I like the colors in Ibiza a lot, too. The palette will be lots of fun to play around with. I think it's my first Starlooks product and I know there are lots of people who are crazy about their stuff!!