Monday, September 30, 2013

LA/Emmys Trip, Day Two

Okay, moving right along to the second day of our whirlwind trip to LA for the Emmys! You can catch up on the first day here

SMOGGY... but still fabulous! 

Outfit of the day was a slight variation of the day before - same bag and shades! 

Day 1 - Under Skies dress from Golden Tote, Phillip Lim for Target crossbody, Ray Ban for J.Crew rose lens aviators, Steve Madden studded flats.  

Day 2 - Lov Posh dress from Golden Tote, different Steve Madden blinged out flats! ;)

Our host for the weekend was the talented Conrad Bachmann, a very humble - and very connected - man who calls himself the "most popular unknown actor in Hollywood." One of his most well known screen moments is getting eaten by a worm in Tremors! Haha! He's doing wonderful things with the education system in his hometown of Louisville and he's been instrumental in the establishment of the growing annual Louisville International Film Festival. It's coming up very soon and we can't wait!! 

We met Conrad for breakfast at the Sportsman's Lodge, our hotel for the next couple of nights. Um... we aren't in Beverly Hills anymore, folks! LOL! Conrad gave us a quick run through of the Emmys schedule for the next day and gave us our tickets and passes. Then we were on our way, free to spend the day exploring LA! 

We went straight to the legendary Rainbow Bar for some pizza but - FAIL - they are closed for lunch on Saturdays. Boo. We wound up next door at Frankie and Johnnie's New York Pizza and the stuff was amazing. There were some things on the walls about Road Rules and "Johnnie" being on Temptation Island? Idk... The reviews of the place on Yelp are kind of horrible and I don't have any pictures of our actual food, but all of this can be explained by the pitcher of beer that was involved! LOL!

We went from there to The Getty Museum. The place sits high up on a cliff and has awesome views of the city. Everything is free and the collection is massive, housed in airy white architecture that was so open and inviting! We saw such a small portion of the overall collection and were disappointed that the photography wing was closed for maintenance. It's always so ridiculous to just walk right up to such an iconic and priceless piece of art like Van Gogh's Irises! 

Happy on the tram! You have to take a tram to get up to the museum from the parking lots and garage. 


All of this priceless breakable stuff just sitting around made me nervous - and glad the girls weren't with us!! LOL! 

I was super sleep deprived and thought this looked like a prop from Beauty and the Beast... hahaha

This is reasonable for our master bedroom makeover, right?? 

After so much culture, we needed "culture" of a different kind, so we cabbed it to the massive Guitar Center store on Sunset. This place... ZOMG. The Rock Walk out front has tons of handprints from all kinds of famous rockers and there's really cool memorabilia on display. 

Inside, it's a musicians DREAM. Huge and stuffed to the rafters with goodies. Hubs could have stayed in here all day! We ran into Danny Trejo in the vintage room (so nice, so so nice) while he was there prepping his son to go on tour. When we were leaving, we saw Jaden Smith and his posse, which included the kid who plays Jerry on Kickin' It (our girls would have flipped). There were a couple of other musicians picking up custom instruments that were obviously somebody, we are just bad at recognizing anyone! LOL! Seriously, there's prob no better place to star watch than here! 

Happy to let anyone "pet" the cheapies! LOL!

A whole wall full of guitars in the $25k-$50k each range! 

We ended the night with dinner at a place on Hollywood and then a bit of a walk goofing around with some of the characters and street performers. Such a fun day again! Stay tuned for the final day of our adventure - EMMYS day!! 

I love the chaos! 

Don't sweat my robot moves ;)

He's a pretty good SLJ, right?? 

Hubs was disturbed by the Smurfs... hahahaha

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