Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PopSugar Must Have May Box Review

Right on the heels of the PopSugar Must Have Summer Fun Box came the PopSugar Must Have May Box! I loved my Summer Limited Edition box and was hoping to love this one, too, but it was definitely a little hit/miss for me. Here's first looks:

My favorite thing in the box? Cocktail mixer set from The Modern Margarita ($8). I received one of these sets from a great friend for Christmas and had SO much fun with it (xoxo Dacia!)! I was so excited to have a new one! The blood orange marg is my FAVE! See how nicely this set is posing with the tequila?? haha! Love this set! :)

The hat from Kooringal is... okay ($28). The style is called the Giselle Mid Brim Hat. I REALLY need to get more into wearing a hat in the summertime, especially for all of the time spent at the pool. I've got a stack of hats that rarely get worn but at least this one is a little bit different. It's a nice gray and it has an adjustable drawstring inside. I love that it came totally folded up and can be stored so easily. It's packed for a trip this weekend for just that reason! It still looks a little wonky.... I'll definitely have to mess with it before it makes it out of the house for real.

Conversation starting card set from Mindy Kaling ($13). This set is a little weird for me and I'm not a huge fan of Mindy. Will make a unique gift, though.

The item most people are so excited about, the Beauty Blender Set ($23) is a bust for me. I don't wear foundation, so it's going on eBay.

The Pacifica Natural Lip Tint ($10) looks good, can always use a good natural tint lip balm. Would I have paid $10 for this one on my own? Probably not. There was also a $30 gift card to Charm and Chain, an online jewelry store with items that go up into the thousands of dollars... I noticed that most of the items that were under $30 are now sold out, probably not what they were hoping with this gift card! LOL! Even buying a $30 item, the gift card can't be used towards shipping so you have to pay $7.95 to get it. I don't know. These items kind of irk me when included in a subscription box and I definitely don't count them towards the box's value.

There was also a little lunch size (?) PopSugar tote, kind of along the lines of a mini-reusable grocery store bag. It's in the first look photo above. The last item was a bag of chips from Way Better Snacks ($3). The hubs will enjoy these. 

So... for me, this box was a little... meh. Loved the cocktail set. Hope I use the hat. Will use the lip balm and the chips will be consumed. If I had been wanting a Beauty Blender, it would have made it a million times better! The box value is $85, which is a good deal, it was just off for me and my preferences/interests this month.

Want to try PopSugar for yourself? Here's my referral Link. This box is $35/month if you pay as you go. Here are a few coupon codes for new subscribers to try: REFER5 for $5 off your first box, GET10 for $10 off a three month subscription, GET25 for $25 off a six month subscription.


  1. I too loved the mixer set! I'm glad you found another one! They can be addicting depending o your mood!!!! XOXO right back at ya!

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