Saturday, November 2, 2013

Birchbox Man November 2013 "More Good" Box Review + Coupon Code

Birchbox Man is a men's subscription service that costs $20/month but I got an INCREDIBLE deal. A year subscription is $195, which is already a savings of $45, and then I used code GLAMLATINA15 to get an extra 15% off! My year subscription cost $165.75 (- $16 in Birchbox points that I received for my purchase, it really only cost $149!). That makes each box cost about $12.40 and that's before receiving $1/item for reviewing the boxes themselves. I think if you add one of the gifts in the "bonus shop" to your cart that you get that, too! Hope the whole deal still works! Let me know if it does (or doesn't!). Would be an awesome Christmas gift!! 

Now, on to the November box, "More Good," which includes a selection of "brands that do good in unique ways." Not sure what those are, since there are no further details included, but there is an information card for men who are interested in participating in Movember - growing out their mustaches in support of cancer research. Each 'stache that signs up on the Birchbox site will get dollar for dollar raised matched by Birchbox. Pretty cool! 

Here's first looks of the November box:

And the breakdown:

Vitamine & Sea Shaving Cream, $1.30 - I was hoping for some fab smell when I popped this open but there really wasn't a smell at all.... Maybe the selling point is in the use!

Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli, sample and postcard - This stuff retails for $125 a bottle, really??? It seriously smells like Brut or generic old man cologne to me... not a fan! Definitely not a fan for $125! But, hey, that's the beauty of trying before you buy!! LOL!

Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Moisturizer,  $2.25 - Eh. This lotion has a generic clean/fresh scent. I was unimpressed with the texture and didn't notice any significant moisturizing benefits. I'm serious about lotion, though.... so expectations are high.

Towel Dry Conditioning Shampoo, $.67 - I'm confused about the inclusion of this. It is for thick or curly hair, which describes mine but is completely opposite of my husband's and what his profile specifies for this box. Oh well. I'll give it a try eventually.

Apolis Travel Candle, $30 - This thing smells fantastic, manly and clean and a million times better than 99% of hotel rooms! LOL! I'll be packing this for a trip we have coming up in a few weeks! Love.

I came up with a total value of about $35 for this box. Even though the products were a little off for us this month, I love the candle and the box was a steal for less than $8 (after reviews)!!! I'm super interested to see what everyone else gets this month. If you sign up with one of my links, thank you!, and be sure you do it ASAP to try to use the coupon detailed above!! 

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