Thursday, July 11, 2013

PopSugar Must Have July Box Review

Uh oh... something in this box is bringing out
the Madonna and 80's love!! 

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Yay!!!! It's PopSugar time again! This is easily my favorite subscription box and the one I look forward to the most each month! If you are thinking of treating yourself to a subscription, this is where I would suggest you start! Well, this or Ipsy, which is only $10/month... ;)

PopSugar is a subscription service that costs $35/month (less with 3 month, 6 month or year plan). Each month you get a box full of full-sized products hand-selected by the PopSugar editors. It's always such a fun mix of items from all kinds of categories!  

Here's this month's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Bags ($6) - I'm still not a tea drinker, but hubs will be all over this! He drinks a ton of tea and ALL of it is iced, so this is perfecto!

Hannahmax Dark Chocolate Crunchy Cookie Chips ($2) - I am in the process of packing some snacks for an upcoming trip. These things look amazing and are already in the bag!! 

King Ice Cubed Tray ($8) - I'm super excited about these! They make big ice cubes so that you can put a single cube in a cocktail and keep it cold without watering it down! Loves it!

Supergoop SPF 30 City Sunscreen Serum ($42) - I always hear such amazing things about Supergoop products but have yet to be totally WOWED by one. Hopefully this is the one that makes me fall in love! SUPER excited to try it! ;)

NCLA Nail Lacquer ($16) - this is a new brand to me, so I was excited to see it in the box! I wish the color was something different.... It looks so similar to the Zoya polish in the May Ipsy bag and definitely feels a little pastel to me for middle of summer.

Baublebar Rose Gold Double Curb Chain Necklace ($28) - I'm not gonna lie.... this looks absolutely like pimp costume jewelry to me. It's really super heavy and totally not something I would ever have bought. You know what this necklace needs??? It needs some good vintage Versace.... Hahaha! Don't worry! I'm going to find some way to rock it! 

Rose gold double chain outfit ideas:

The box had a total value of a little over $100. The picks weren't my absolute favorite PopSugar box ever (so far, that's the June box!) but I'm excited about each item! Even the weird necklace! Haha! What good is a subscription box if it doesn't push you out of your comfort zone a little bit??

If you would like to try PopSugar, please use my referral link, here or above. Thank you!! And you can use code REFER5 to save $5 off your first box! The spoiler that's out for the August box is an item with a value of $65! 

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