Wednesday, August 14, 2013

KlutchClub Men's July Box Review

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Again with this weird shipping... this is the "July" box but I didn't even receive it until August 8th. It didn't even SHIP until 8/1, so it's not even trying to get here on time... *sigh* maybe I'm the only one bugged by this! LOL!

KlutchClub offers monthly subscription boxes geared towards men, women or moms for the price of $18/month/box (or a little less with longer commitment). The boxes include $50+ of healthy snacks, fitness programs, personal-care items, supplements, etc. We get the men's box because this is right up the hub's alley!

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown! 

Wheatgrass seeds, $1.69/pouch. Oh goody, more stuff for hubby's garden! Haha!

PopChips Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips, $1

Puritan's Pride Raspberry Ketones, $1.50. It looks like MSRP on these might be more like $4.75 but a bottle of 60 is going for $3 on Amazon... and reviewed poorly. Yay. You can use code KLUTCHCLUB for free shipping on $25+ on if these products are something you're into! 

Nawgan Alertness Beverage, $2. Hubs drank this same day. Never too alert! ;)

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, $2. Wtf is this? LOL

Towel Dry Creme Styler, $2

Flavrz Drink Mix, $1.50

Wow. So the value of the goods in this box was only $15.07... Yikes.

There were also a couple of discount cards. One for a free Light Band at ($7 value, have to pay $3 shipping, so actually $4 value). A second card offered $25 off a pair of sunglasses at This also requires paying shipping ($4.50) so the actual value is $20.50. I personally don't like to include in the value of a box things that you have to spend money to redeem but even counting these didn't save this box. Even with the additional $24.50 "value" of offers, the box is still worth less than $40, not $50+ as promised.

What did you think of KlutchClub this month? I saw other boxes that were packed full of stuff, including half a dozen Flavrz packets. Is this just my crappy streak of box luck continuing?? LOL

If you are interested in trying KlutchClub, please use my referral link (here and above). Thank you! You can use code ZZSIDEWALKSALE to get one of the Best Of boxes for only $1 (plus $8 shipping). Be sure to cancel after buying a best of box if you don't want to sign up for monthly service!

I wasn't over the top thrilled with the June box either. We were happy with May's box but it was still short of the $50+ value. I'm giving KlutchClub one more month and, if August doesn't wow me, probably moving on!

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