Saturday, June 8, 2013

Modicure nail wraps... FAIL... AGAIN... Is it just me??

So, I bought this deal on Living Social* a while back, $20 for 12 sets of nail wraps from Modicure, a $130 value. I was super pumped because I've had great luck with the Sally Hansen nail polish stickers - I've done that manicure more than once sitting outside in a lawn chair watching the kids! These would be basically the same product for a bargain price, right? Uh, no.

The stickers and the variety of patterns LOOK awesome! And I went to to confirm the price and the value of the deal. Yep, $12 for a sheet of 16 patterned wraps (got 10), $5 for a sheet of solid gold or silver (got one of each).

Then, I read the instructions.... Duh duh DUMMmmmmm.... No, really. These aren't Sally Hansen!

1. The wraps have to be heated up with a hair dryer before you peel them off. Uh, wut? Okay. So that meant I had to go get scissors and cut the 16 stickers into 16 separate pieces to heat as I went along. Already annoyed.

2. Figure out which sticker best fits the nail. I've seen lots of reviews online where people have had to cut these things down massively to get them to fit their fingers. The biggest are seriously a tad wide for my big toes. I didn't need to cut them though, I used all the smallest and they fit pretty close.

3. Heat the sticker with hair dryer (I did 7 or 8 seconds).

4. Peel sticker and apply to nail, stretch and smooth, file off excess. This is pretty similar to Sally Hansen, except for having to get them warm to get them stretchy/workable. But with these I never can get the bumps completely out, especially around the edges.

5. That's it

To remove them? WASH HANDS IN SOAPY WATER and PEEL THEM OFF. For real?? Yep. The first time I used these, I didn't think much about it, washed my hands and noticed they started coming off at edges almost instantly! Seriously?! So they don't even last through ONE hand washing?? I found myself having to be conscious of NOT washing my hands, which was insane, just to keep my nails from looking like a pre-school project while I was at a nice event. I'm a bit of a germaphobe and always have hand sanitizer handy, but still, this whole train of thought was bonkers to me.

Today on attempt #2, I put on a top coat and tried to pay extra special attention to the edges. It's now 6 hours after application and the ends are all peeling. I've probably washed my hands a dozen times, though, but this is progress from the first attempt! Lolz! 

Seems like a lot of work for something that literally just lasts for minutes! Is this how all "nail wraps" are? Do people seriously use these on a regular basis??? The website claims that these wraps are a fun way to stay up on trends, etc., at a "reasonable price." $12 for nails that last for MINUTES? My local nail place that I love does an awesome mani for $12 ($15 with crazy nail art) and it will last for at least a week (or two!).

These wraps are so cute and I'm sure I will try them again since I have more to play with. Maybe one of you can give me some pointers and tell me the secret to nail wrap success! :) 

* What on earth happened with Living Social and the security breach?? Has anybody else been freaked out by that and stayed away since then like I have??


  1. Hilarious post! I guess those are for people who don't wash their hands (ewww!). What was that company thinking??!!

    I've only used the ones at Walgreens. I can't even remember the brand, but they lasted forever (if forever is a week). They were $8ish but cheap-me always used the half off coupon that I got from the overly-eager-for-customers-lady at the cosmetics register. That was a while back-- have no idea if they still carry them. They were super easy to do-- no heat applications LOL! They don't mix with anything you have to do with your hands involving glue (which is me most of the time) so I stopped using them.

    Anyway, hope you figure it out-- love that metallic!

    1. Haha!

      I bet those were the Sally Hansen ones! They work really well!

      And with your comment, you've earned a set to try! I'm mailing them to you and I expect to see photo evidence of your craftiness applying them perfectly!! LOL!!

  2. I've used them. Didn't have to head and had no problems with hand washes and I have to wash my hands often for my job. They worked great.

  3. Have you tried Jamberry nails? You do use a blowdryer but they are not polish so they last about 2 weeks on your hands and longer on your toes. Here is my site, take a look:)

  4. I'm currently having the same issue. I took a shower and they're starting to peel up. What's the point of these?!?