Monday, June 10, 2013

KlutchClub - May Men's Box Review

So.... Idk what it is about Klutchclub, and the fact that they charge you for a month and call a box that month's box, but you don't actually receive it until the NEXT month. This is the "May'" box, that I paid for in May, and received June 7.... Whatevs. They are awesome enough that they can get away with it! Haha!

KlutchClub offers subscription boxes for Men, Women and Moms. The boxes cost $18/month (or less with longer commitment) and contain "$50 of the best healthy snacks, supplements, fitness programs, personal-care products and more." I subscribed to the Men's box because this sounded right up Hub's alley!

Here's first looks:

I love a first look that shows a box FULL of goodies!! Let's get to a breakdown!

Kind bar ($2) - I'd like for the girls to try it. Will have to get to it before the hubs does (I'm probably not that quick! Haha!)!

Aubrey aftershave ($2) - Meh. Won't get used in my house, would gift it but the seal was kind of screwed up where it had just started to leak, so will prob give it to my dad. 

$20 gift card to - Let's talk about this gift card for a minute. This is a website that runs sample/flash sales related to health and fitness. I had never heard of it before and felt my pulse quickening when I saw that they also offer discounted adventure trips!! I saw one for Costa Rica, which is the front runner right now for spring break 2014, and I was hoping to see one for Antarctica, which I am kind of obsessed with right now because it's the only continent we haven't been to! $20 wasn't going to help much with a trip, though! Lol!

You have to spend $75 on to get free shipping, otherwise shipping is $7.95. Okay... but the bonus was that my card actually put $25 in my account, so it kind of brought shipping down to $2.95. I ordered a discounted pack of Muscle Milk protein bars that retail for $42 (what?!). They are still $29 even on with member pricing and all I had to pay was the $7.95 shipping fee! So, with just this card I  saved $21 on something I would have bought anyway, and that more than paid for the box! Nice!

CocoaVia supplement (ten pack/$10), chocolate daily to help circulation? I'll give it a shot!

Pop Potato Chips ($1) - sure, anything edible disappears around here.

Drink Chia! ($5) - I had seen pictures of this online and was still surprised at HOW MANY SEEDS are in it. Is it going to be super weird to drink?? It's in the fridge chillin right now! We shall see! And it's pretty expensive for an 8 oz bottle! I'm expecting a SUPER charge from this! LOL!

Agro Labs Coconut water ($3) - they actually sell this in 72 (?!) packs of these 3 oz bottles on Amazon for $155.88. Really?? That seems a WEE extreme to me. I get a lot of cheapy hydration from my 10 glasses of water a day! ;)

Happy squeeze coconut milk ($2) - it's like a juice pouch for grownups! And contains 2/3 a serving of fruit! Fun! :)

Mr. Pink drink ($2) - well, I do a daily cup of coffee but not much other caffiene on an average day. The hubs drank it, to me it tasted a little Red Bull-y. And I'm a little worried that a google search turned up pictures of Lindsay Lohan chugging it and I guess she asked for $500k to promote it! Wut? Lolz!!

The Perez Hilton take on the situation! Haha!

Counting the gift card as $21 value, I came up with a box worth $48, definitely more than I paid but just shy of the $50 claimed to be in there. I'm super happy with this box though and I KNOW the hubs will love it all! It was almost worth $18 for the chuckles I got when all these Lindsey Lohan pictures started popping up! Hahaha!

If you'd like to try KlutchClub, please use my referral link. Thank you! And, through 6/26, use ZZJUNE25 to save 25% off any 3 month subscription or ZZJUNE30 to save 30% off any 12 month subscription (shipping and box charge separate, only takes discount off the box itself!)! 

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