Sunday, September 8, 2013

KlutchClub August Men's Box Review

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Again with this weird shipping... this is the KlutchClub "August" box but I didn't receive it until September 7th. It didn't even SHIP until 8/31, so it's not even trying to get here on time... *sigh* maybe I'm the only one bugged by this month after month! LOL!

KlutchClub offers monthly subscription boxes geared towards men, women or moms for the price of $18/month/box (or a little less with longer commitment). The boxes include $50+ of healthy snacks, fitness programs, personal-care items, supplements, etc. We get the men's box because this is right up the hub's alley! I've been a little frustrated with the low value of these boxes and had already decided I was canceling after this month if I was again underwhelmed.... Let's see how it turned out! 

Here's first looks:

Cute kid not included! ;)

Definitely nice and full compared to last couple of months! Excited to see what all is included!

And the breakdown:

* Shower Pill Body Wipe, $1.50 - I know it's a crazy idea but why not just TAKE a shower?? LOL J/k, I'm sure it will get used! We love wet wipes and welcome all kinds!

* Penta Water, $2 

* Oasis Crunch Dried Fruit, $3.50 - Not on info card? Wonder if it was thrown in as an afterthought? Oh well! We love snacks!

* Boulder Rice & Bean Chips, $1.50

* Ziggy Marley Organics Coco'Mon Coconut Oil, original and lemon ginger, $1 each - Hubs loves coconut oil and we love Jamaica and some Marley family! We named our precious first dog Marley! These are a win! LOL!

* Hangover Sucks Remedy, $4 - I've already thrown these on the initial pile to pack for LA next week! I figure they can't hurt! Haha!

* Towel Dry Men Hair Product, $3 -  Hubs will get to it eventually!

* Hawaiian OLA Noni Immunity Shot, $3

* Puracyn Wound and Skin Care, $3 -
We get tons of boo boos around here and always use first aid supplies. The box also came with a card with info to get a free full-size bottle of the stuff by visiting and doing a testimonial. It looks like the 8 oz bottle goes for something like $28 on Amazon (?!?) but I got a weird error warning message about a phishing site when I tried to fill out the form... So, fail. Not pursuing it, not counting the free bottle in the box value.

* Other Offers - (1) There's a $10 off of $40 at with code MAHALOKCLUB. Not counting it in box value since you have to spend $30 to redeem. (2) There's also a free week of recipes from Prep Dish. Go to, put the August plan in your cart and use coupon code KLUTCH to get it for free. This website normally charges $25 for a week of meal planning... which I would NEVER buy (can't you find any recipe for free online???) but at least it didn't cost anything to redeem the offer! 

So I came up with a total value of $48.50 for the August box, including the full Prep Dish $25 value. It's definitely close to the promised $50 but, again this month, if you don't like one specific thing (the Prep Dish offer in this box), the value of the box is WAY off the mark. 

We've gotten some things from KlutchClub that we have enjoyed, but I think it's time for me to move on and try something new! From time to time they offer good discount codes and they just might get me back at some point with one of those! 

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