Friday, December 27, 2013

Birchbox Holiday Deccember 2013 Review

I was so happy to finally get a December Birchbox! My first one was "delivered," but not to me, and Birchbox was fantastic about quickly sending me out a replacement!

Birchbox is a subscription service that costs $10/month for the women's box or $20/month for the men's box (which includes a lifestyle item). Prices get lower with longer commitment and subscribers accumulate points to spend in the Birchbox shop by reviewing items ($1 per item).

December's box doesn't have much of a theme other than a message from the Birchbox team with warm wishes for the holiday season!

Here's first looks:

Got a little wet when crammed in the mailbox... 

And the breakdown:

Number 4 Non Aerosol Hairspray, $4.40 - I really don't use much hairspray, so this will be passed along to the hubs or the girls!
The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm, $3.25 - It looks like this is maybe intended as a diaper rash cream? Um, no babies around here, so this goes to me and my dry hands. It feels sort of looks and feels like Aquaphor and I love that it's organic! Always a big bonus!
Supergoop CC Cream, $2 - this tube is tiny, tiny, tiny. I've loved the Supergoop city sunscreen serum that I received in my July PopSugar box and I'm expecting to love this product, too!Fatty Sundays Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzel, $.50 - this is a tiny little version of these pretzel sticks. The box I received in my PopSugar Holiday box was almost instantly devoured and I'm interested to see which family member is quick enough to grab this one! LOL!
Eslor Skincare System, $15.40 - at first I was a little disappointed in the size of the foil packets and surprised at how high they priced out. I used the four step system and was happy to see that there's enough product to use more than once (except for the mask, which was one use). The cleanser was nice. The scrub was weird, dry and clay-like and had to be mixed with water. I didn't like the consistency of it, kind of thin with occasional huge chunks. The mask was creamy and nice going on, felt a little drying as it set. The moisturizer was a little light for me and my dry winter skin. Overall I felt like these products seemed luxurious and high end and I really enjoyed trying them! 

I came up with a total value of about $25 for this box. After doing the reviews ($5 credit), the box only cost me $3.25 (I got an amazing deal on a year subscription a while back!). I continue to be happy with the box and am getting excited about my Birchbox points that are piling up!! Can't wait to use them on a fun splurge!! :)


  1. Happy Holidays! I love the Honest Healing Balm on my lips. You only need a little, but it works great!

    1. Interesting!

      And Happy Holidays to you, too! Can't believe it's almost New Year's!!