Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Love With Food box review

Lots of love for Love With Food!! This is a super fun way to try new foods AND give back. Boxes are $12/month (including shipping) and for each box purchased, LWF donates a meal to a child in need. This month, after the recent devastation in Oklahoma, they are donating TWO meals there for each box sold! They have recently passed the 100,000 mark for number of meals donated! Awesome!!

The theme for june's box is Summer Beach Bash. Here's first looks:

And the breakdown!

Turbana plantain chips
 ($1.50) - big hit! Especially with the 9 year old! I've already ordered more!!

Seaweed Love Roasted seaweed ($2) - um.... Nope. We all tried it and none of us are eating this. Hubs and I both thought it tasted like filmy, crispy sushi. We love some sushi, but not in this form! LOL! We all TRIED it though, family taste-testing is fun regardless! Haha!

Wth is this???

NOT into it! LMAO!

Flavrz organic drink mix ($1.50) - already gone! Was fun to have something different to mix into the kids water for hot summer cheer practices. We all tried this and it was fine, nothing too exciting, basically like any drink mix with the bonus of being organic!

Surf Sweets Organic fruity bears - there were only 5 bears in this package, lasted literally half a second with the girls. Guess they were good! Haha!

Smooze Coconut + mango fruit ice ($2) - in the freezer now. Looks awesome!! I didn't know about these and if they are kid-approved, I'm buying more of these for sure, too!

Soyjoy bar ($1.50) - hubs already polished it off! 

Do More Bars Gluten-free pineapple coconut cereal bar ($1.50) - kind of like a grownup rice kris pie treat. Really tasty!

GoOrganic Organic hard candy - also disappeared instantly! Lol!

PUR Pomegranate mint gum ($1.50) - interesting! And always happy to have gum for my purse!

$50 gift code for - I live in the heart of bourbon country and no liquor can be delivered anywhere around here. Never fear! A sister in Maryland will be accepting this delivery and getting it to us in august! Shipping is $9.99 on this website for any order under $100, so I'm counting this value as $40. Of course, I ordered a $90 12 bottle case, but that still meant 12 bottles for $50! Which is a bargain I'm super excited about! ;)

Altogether the box had a value of $50+. Plus provided two free meals to a kid in need. What's not to love about Love With Food??

Please use my referral link if you sign up and get your first box for only $2 with code FBGIFT. Spread the love!! :)

** this post contains referral links! Obvs! ;)


  1. I love your blog!!! Your travel pictures ae amazing!!!!

    1. Thanks so much!! We've had lots of crazy adventures and hopefully many many more to come!! :D