Monday, July 1, 2013

June Empties! Wanna nose into my private life FOR REAL? Haha!

Okay... I got this idea from Anastasia over at Glamorable and thought I would give it a shot in June. Basically, you keep all of your empty bottles, etc. (aka keep a bag of trash around for a month) and share what REALLY got used completely up! It has been interesting and challenging at the same time. My goal was to use up an average of a product a day, and the month worked out to exactly 30 products! Some are cosmetic/skin care items, some are things the kids used, a few are random household items I wanted to include. A couple may be borderline TMI but I didn't include things that got used up that would have been TOTALLY TMI to share! LOL! One of my favorite things about reading blogs is getting the chance to be nosy and this seems like the ultimate nosy-person satisfier! I wish everyone would do it! Haha!

So, without further ado, here's the pile from June: 

Wow... it definitely looks a little impressive all piled up! Glad the recycling pickup is tomorrow! Haha! Here's a bit of a breakdown:

Lotions and moisturizers

1. Bath & Body Works Bali Mango body lotion - a little bottle that I had stashed in my car to use while I waited in carpool line at school!

2. Bliss lemon + sage body butter - this stuff, omg, I don't even want to know how many tubes of it I have used. It's outrageous but is hands down the very best body moisturizer I have ever, ever found.

3. Julep Rock Star Hand Cream - little tiny sample, but liked it! Smell was nice without being too crazy strong, consistency was nice and thick (if not AS thick as the bliss body butter type product that's my fave!). I received a full size tube in my Julep Miami Mystery box but haven't opened it yet!

4. Bath & Body Works secret wonderland body lotion - eh, it's okay. Super scented, like all BBW products, definitely not long lasting moisture, I used it up using it as a hand cream before bed, which it was fine for (and left my sheets scented! Haha)

5. Lavanila healthy baby lotion - don't have a baby, but I can definitely be a baby sometimes! Haha! This stuff smelled vanilla-y and awesome but was SO runny and made basically no detectable difference in the moisture level of skin

6. Aveda hand relief - loves it. I've kept it in my car off and on for years, especially in the winter!

7. Bliss tried + blue body lotion - another sample I used on a weekend trip. Its okay, definitely not as thick and moisturizing as the body butter I love so much!

8. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Foot Cream - eh, it's okay. The oil had started to separate by the time I got to the end and it became 
a bit of a greasy mess!

Stuff the kiddos used!

9. Various hotel samples:

- Portico shampoo & conditioner - we were getting to a point where our guest room supplies were piling up quicker than our guests, so the girls have been using random things from there!

- Aveda rosemary mint shampoo - loves it, and loves hotels that give away aveda! ;)

- H2O shampoo from disneyworld - it's so fun to have leftover Disney goodies to use at home!

10. Suave kids dora shampoo - I think this was originally dog shampoo that the girls claimed because it smelled too good! LOL!

11. Suave body wash - the girls have showered themselves for a while now and, since they are unsupervised, "somehow" MASSIVE amounts of body wash get used up in there. I don't even ask, I just keep the shower stocked with whatever I find on sale! ;)

12. Aveda Brilliant damage control - the girls and I have gone through bottle after bottle of this. Spray on hair while still wet post-shower to prevent damage from styling and heat, and to get that great aveda signature scent in your hair all day long! ;)

13. Hair Artist hair chalk - omg.... Not technically and "empty," but I'm done. The stuff shows up okay (better in light hair than in dark) but it is for real chalk, complete with CRUMBLING every time you put any pressure on it. As a result, it gets everywhere and won't come out of a lot of places - looks like it's going to forever be in the grout in the guest bathroom floor tile! :-/ Notice it's in a baggie to even be photographed?? LOL!

14. Pac Man bandaids - picked these up on $1 shelf at target. So cute, only 10 in a box. Burned through these with one good bike wreck! ;)

15. PINK scented shimmer powder - oh, the girls love this stuff. We've been through many jars of similar products!

16. Monster High ghoulish gold hair glitter - girly girly! Used as far as the applicator wand could reach before it finished drying out!

Body/skin care

17. Dylan's Candy Bar Ice Cream Sugar Scrub - this birthday cake batter scent smells sooooo good. It totally smells edible. The scrub isnt nearly as gritty as I like, though, so won't be re-buying

18. Aveda stress fix soaking salts - we've got a big fab jacuzzi tub and I happily used this minty soak up in there! I still prefer something longer lasting, though, preferably LUSH bath bombs! :)

19. Old Spice Fiji anti-perspirant & deo - okay, including deo on the empties list is obviously borderline TMI, but this is a product that gets empty a LOT in this house. Hubs loves it and maybe, just maybe, I love it, too! ;)

20. Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial scrub - this is one of those cheapy things that I LOVE, nice and gritty, great scent, my face feels SO clean afterwards. I used the end of this little travel tube after s filthy outdoor concert! LOL!!

21. Nivea extreme comfort shave gel - I've tried so many shave creams and gels and keep coming back to this one, gel-like then turns into foam! Is there a better one out there that I'm missing??

Dickinson's towelettes - I received these in the Allure summer box and they were new to me! They are SO convenient to pack for washing my face while travelling! Individually sealed, no liquids to leak, and very refreshing!

23. Julep American beauty volumizing mascara - omg, horrible. Not even empty, just tired of trying to make it decent. I am VERY serious about mascara and this stuff is a joke. It's almost like there are dozens of little hairs or something all in the formula, on the brush, etc?? And I think its like $24?? Uh, no. I'll be sticking to my $9 and under drugstore mascaras. There is seriously nothing better.


24. Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration SPF 30 - we go through TONS of sunscreen around here in the summer and here's the first full sized tube finished up! This stuff is supposed to provide 12 hour hydration, I bought it for me and my constant dry skin battle. Idk about 1/2 day hydration, but it feels silky and awesome going on and has that wonderful coconutty smell that I want from a sunscreen! I may not BE a suntanning beauty, but I like for my sunscreen to smell like one! ;) would definitely re-buy!

25. Philosophy Hope oil-free SPF 30 - from the sephora sunscreen samples 2013 collection. I really thought I was going to love it but, by the third day, it had totally broken my face out. Fail.

26. Aveda Lip Saver - love a lip balm with SPF! This ones nice and smooth and has SPF 15

A few random things...

27. Jennifer Lopez Coral Berry three wick candle - bought this on a whim with a gift card at Kohl's. Oh my goodness. It smells fabulous and scents up the 
entire house SO quickly. I'll be back for more!!

28. Target hand wipes - it's a mom thing to go through tubs of these, I guess, but I wish I had kept them around long before mom-dom!  

29. Bath and Body Works pocket sized hand sanitizer - we've used SO many of these! The girls keep them on their backpacks and in their desks at school. Now that it's summer, though, I'm trying to cut back on the antibacterial stuff to give our immune systems a chance to fight a little more on their own!

30. Modicure nail wraps - done. So done. After trying these a third time and failing AGAIN, I'm over it. Not "empty" but they might as well be! Haha! 

So, there you have it! Are any of these favorite things in your house, too?? This has been such a fun way to get me thinking about using up a lot of the samples and stuff around here and I'm already plotting and planning the 31+ items I want to use up in July! Hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes peek!! :)


  1. That's an awesome review of products! Some of these I've used and some I'll go buy to try!! Good job!! And good luck with our July 31!

    1. Thanks!! Anxious to hear if you find something new that you love!! :)

  2. haha tmi empties. too much. your skin must be EXTREMELY hydrated at this point!!!

    1. Ikr? Obviously a little obsessed with moisturizing.... LMAO!

  3. Great product reviews! I used to be an Aveda girl but now our house is mostly Lush, Josie Maran (argon oil is my personal fave), and Philosophy (Piper's cleanser and products).

    1. Omg... I loooove Lush! I def went through major obsession with them for years! I've heard so many race reviews about that argon oil! It's def on my list of things I want to try!!