Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another fun and busy weekend around here! And we have a chance of SNOW tonight?? Really?? Um... SO GLAD we have a sunny vacay in the near future! ;)

Friday night we made another trip to Louisville's uber fabulous Hammerheads, this time for the FIL's birthday dinner. He was just as overwhelmed by the deliciousness as we always are! OMG, sooooo good. And they have a mustache machine now! Hammerheads for the win!! 

Never too stuffed to finish with a bacon brownie!! 

After dinner we met friends out to watch the Louisville football game and.... eh. After SO MANY high expectations heading into this season, it has definitely been more than a little bit disappointing. We still love some Teddy, we just wanted the WORLD to be in love with Teddy, too, you know???

Saturday was spent at the KFC Yum Center for the University of Louisville basketball season opener and the hanging of the 2013 championship banner! WHOOOO!! SO amazing and emotional and fabulous. LOVE this city, LOVE this team!!

Photo op with the ladder of champions! 

Lots of goofy selfies at halftime! LOL!

So beautiful! <3

Dancing out the door! 

Sunday was spent in Cincinnati at junior's cheer competition. It was a long/late day but she rocked it out and came away with another 1st place trophy. As the youngest kid on a team that goes up to 14 year olds, I continue to be amazed by her talent and HARD WORK. She is such a ham on the floor and SO much fun to watch!! 

And, just like that, it's Monday again!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you're all recharged for a new week!! Go get 'em!! 


  1. Hmmm, I am not sure if I could eat a bacon brownie... but, it looks yummy! We have a chance for snow tonight, too!

    1. haha! Well... I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years but the other 5 people at our table tore it up!! Supposedly, they are amazing!! ;)