Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tom Petty - Perfect Summer Night!

Ahhh... date night! Tom Petty concert at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, last weekend. We were coming off of a couple of stressful weeks and SO needed the chance to cut loose together! Indiana is definitely not my favorite, but it provided a great time this time!

This was seriously the pretty much perfect way to see an outdoor summer show. We had a room at Cambria Suites, a mile from the venue, and walked both ways. Beautiful night, no parking hassles, nobody having to be the "responsible" driver. Perfect!! 

The place was PACKED. They made an announcement at one point that it was the largest crowd ever at the venue. I wonder if Dave Matthews still draws massive numbers?? I haven't been to one of those shows in years but I'm thinking next weekend will be pretty busy at Klipsch, too! 

Making friends with the people around us! LOL!

I've been such a huge Tom Petty fan my whole life and this was the first time I got to see him live. Pretty stoked.

There were sooooo many questionable fashion decisions, I really didn't even try to stalk them this time.  These were a couple that made their way onto my facebook page... LOL

I thought she was in her 60s until she turned around,
was probably 16. Ugh. Cheeks were out. SO unflattering. 

I showed the girls and Pepper said, "It's BLONDE.
Omg. I thought it would be black. It's so much worse!" LMAO!

Again, you can, but you really shouldn't.

The show lasted from 7:30 until after 11 and I was seriously SO dissapointed for it to be over. It was easily the fastest show I've ever seen in my life. Loved every minute of it! And love my hubs so much. He is my absolute bestest friend and I cannot imagine possibly having more fun with anyone else. Best date night EVER?? Maybe!! 

Blurry from dancing, duck face improv! 

One last pic in my fun daisies before turning in.
Perfect night! <3 xoxo

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