Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bulu Box May Review - Turrible

This box from Bulu... Omg. It's so ridiculous. I had a deal and paid $19 for three months and already feel hosed! I thought for a minute that this was just some bonus box in between the regular subscription boxes... Uh no. What a rip. I guess the good news is that it can pretty much only go up from here! LOL!

Here's first looks - box was itty bitty and LIGHT, should have been a bad sign apparently!

AllerDX seasonal allergy treatment ($1.10). Ok... My allergies are ferocious, so I'm all about anything that works. I cracked up that the testimonial quote on the package was from a man in kentucky! Here's the thing, though. The directions say to take 3-4 tablets at a time up to three times a day as needed. So as many as TWELVE tablets a day. Sounds like something I'm not even going to try to keep up with. And since the sample only has THREE tablets in it, not even enough for ONE maximum dose, I'm not going to mess up my regular schedule to try. So weak.

Beauty Bursts supplement chews ($.53). This pack had TWO chews. Was like most items in the box, marked "sample not for sale", so WHY did I PAY for this stuff? Argh. Fit n Crisp Vanilla Marshmallow bar ($1.62). Hubs ate this right up, said it tasted like a rice krispie treat with a scoop of protein powder in it. Definitely had more sugar than the supplement bars I usually buy for him. But, you know, at least it was a full size item! And look at him! He's happy to have a snack!! Haha!

FitMixer Amino supplement ($1.00). Again, a TINY sample, this is meant to be a pre-workout energizer. I used it in my efforts to recover from jetlag, felt no effect. And Artisana Berry Antioxident Nut Butter ($1.75). Little bitty pack, would have been a skimpy sandwich with this! The hubs just ate it out of the package. Don't even care if he liked it! I'm so annoyed with this box at the point that I'm not buying any of this stuff! LOL!

There was information on Jay Cardiello's 40-day workout program and info to get the first workout free online. I went to the website to check, and this is free to ANYONE, so there is no value added to the box by this. Not a perk, just an advertisement. Ugh.

So this box normally costs $10 and I came up with a total value of $6.00. And even worse than the poor value is the fact that there wasn't enough of any product to really use it and get a feel for it - except for the vanilla bar, but I sure wouldn't have paid $10 for that! It would have been better to have received one full size pack of one item and that be it rather than little bits of 5 random things. Box grade: F. I've heard lots of people cancelled after this box. Hopefully next month they make up for it! If you want to take a chance on it and are optimistic like I am that it only goes up from here, sign up for Bulu Box Here. You can use code FIRSTFREE to get the first box free (it's worth the price of FREE! LOL)


  1. I was seriously disappointed, especially since it was my first box. It was almost as bad as the Mommebox. (that was so bad, it almost makes me want to cry thinking about it) I signed up to Bulu again with another account to get another free box. I want to give them a chance, but not with any of my money on the line!

    1. Ugh. I saw reviews of that Mommeebox. Insulting, really!! This Bulu was the worst. I've read a couple of places that maybe they shortchange people that got the box with a deal (free/cheaper price)??? Surely not, right?? That would be the worst customer service evah

  2. all the bulu box value is in the rewards. that being said, i wouldn't pay full price for it. check out the klutchclub reviews on my site. they have deals all the time on 20% off subscriptions and if you get a year it goes pretty low. they are HUGE and always FULL.

    1. That's awesome news because I'm waiting on my first klutchclub box now! I ordered a few days ago when they had a free box/just pay shipping deal. HUGE and FULL gets me EXCITED!! Hahaha :D