Thursday, September 19, 2013

Product Review: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer and CC Cream

I received these Juice Beauty products in my June PopSugar Must Haves Box and finally got around to using them!

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer ($65)
Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream ($39)

* The Moisturizer *

This moisturizer is made to "decrease DNA damage and improve cellular turnover." Here's more from Juice Beauty:

Moisturize with a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells infused into a Vitamin C, resveratrol-rich grapeseed formula to aggressively firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Certified organic, antioxidant-rich ingredients and plant oils hydrate and improve elasticity for lasting, advanced age defy results.

The container is very unique, dispensing only what you need and maintaining the integrity of the remainder of the product. It's always kind of irked me to stick my fingers or a scoop into an expensive jar of product, contaminating the unused portion and exposing it to unnecessary elements.

You press down on the tab side and moisturizer squeezes out around the little "button" on the other side. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the jar and the button has clogged, but the product still dispenses eventually.

Just kind of oozes out the side, not all around the button like it did initially

The smell of the stuff is fantastic. It smells citric and fresh and makes me feel like I'm putting fresh squeezed fruit juice or something on my face! The texture is really nice and smooth and feels wonderful going on. Moisturizing without ever being or turning greasy.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. It's definitely a great basic moisturizer and I love the organic ingredient list!

* The CC Cream *

Here are details from Juice Beauty:

Beyond BB (beauty balm) cream, the 12-in-1 multi-tasking CC cream (color correcting) for the ultimate in age defying, skin perfecting results.

The list of proposed benefits is extensive and includes: Increases cellular turnover, Broad spectrum sun protection, Evens skin tone and texture, Firms and improves elasticity, Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Creates radiant glowing complexion, Rich in antioxidants, Protects with mineral SPF 30, Ultimate moisturizer, Skin perfecting color, Mineral tinted coverage, Great for all skin types.

Okay... Some of those are a little bit fluffy filler benefits, right?? Haha. I have yet to find a CC cream that I love so I had high hopes for this one!

But.... like so many of these that I have tried, the stuff looked orange upon application. Really orange. Granted, "warm" is the darker of the two shades offered, but it should have been the correct color for me and I can't believe "orange" is the right color for anyone (maybe tanning mom??? Hahaha).

And.... Well, the stuff wound up majorly greasy, early in the day. Lots of blotting and powdering to not look like a shiny mess. This seems to be common with CC creams, too. Do these creams try to cover flaws with excessive moisture and dark color?? They always sound so good in theory and description but so far I'm just not a fan.

Am I doing it wrong? Have you found a CC Cream that's the miracle in a tube that these always promise to be???


  1. my experience with CC creams is always that they don't provide any concealing coverage! It's more like just putting on moisturizer, to me.

  2. my experience with CC creams is always that they don't provide any concealing coverage! It's more like just putting on moisturizer, to me.

  3. Really? That's interesting! I feel like the ones I've tried have had such noticeable color - and def some coverage as a result of that. The "medium" is always orange and the "light" is always ghostly! I really want to love them, so I will keep trying!