Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Local Box July Review

Our Local Box is a subscription service that features only products that are made/grown/etc. solely within the state of Kentucky. The box is based in my hometown of Louisville, so mine gets hand delivered each month. Pretty cool! Subscriptions start at $30/month and get a little less expensive with longer commitments. 

Again this month, the box was HEAVY. Here's first looks:

Love the hand stamped box!

Lots of goodies!

My favorite info cards of any box!

And the breakdown! 

Bear Claw Honey Butt Spice, $4 - Hubs is always up for BBQ supplies
Pappy's XXX White Lighting' BBQ Sauce, $7 - the stuff is awesome. seriously.

Ladybirds CD, $10 - I know everyone loves their iPods but I still love an old fashioned CD.
The girls LOVE this disc, ask for it repeatedly. It headlined our Fox Family Fun Fantastic Friday hoe
down last weekend (the upbeat songs, at least! LOL!)! 

Lemongrass Spearmint Soap, $6 - Already in use in the shower, smells wonderful!
Pear + White Tea Soy Candle, $5.50 - never too many candles!

So the value of the box comes to $32.50, a little more than the $30 I paid for it. All of the items are things that we will use and we've already gotten a lot of fun out of the first few songs on the CD! This is the last month of my OLB subscription and I'm torn about whether to continue it or not. It has been a lot of fun and we've really enjoyed all of the products included (and supporting the local economy), but there are just so many interesting boxes out there that I'd like to try, you know??? 

If you'd like to read my previous Our Local Box reviews, you can find them here: June, May. If you would like to shop in their online store, use code FIREWORKS to get 20% off your first retail shop purchase! 

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