Thursday, June 6, 2013

Julep Maven June Bombshell Box and DD Creme Review

For this month's Julep Maven Box, I opted out of my usual Boho Glam and opted instead for the Bombshell selections. So glad I did! Here's first looks:

All of the little cards included this month are SO cute! There's a contest on Facebook that is themed "Be Good to Yourself Challenge," that gives entrants a chance to win 3 months of Maven ($120 value) and one little card with this inspirational quote from Lilly Pulitzer: "Style isn't just about what you wear, it's about how you live." I'm not a big fan of Lilly - or inspirational quotes in general - but I appreciate the effort/gesture! LOL! I also LOVE that they included a few pieces of salt water taffy in the box this month! Perfect summer treat!

The Bombshell selections this month are Payton, a great kelly green, and Raegan, a fun bright fuschia. Raegan looks a lot like several other colors I already own, including the Sally Hansen polish I used last week and loved, so I'm undecided about keeping it at this point. It may be going into a future giveaway! ;) I also added on Bunny, a great white polish with subtle gold shimmer. You can see my manicure with Payton and Bunny here.

They all look alike, right?? ;)

The box also contained a tube of Julep's new DD Cream in Medium. I've been using this the last few days and.... meh. Not a big fan. I've used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for years and am a BIG fan of it, so I was admittedly going to be a tough sell. That being said, I went into this open-minded because 1. all of the claimed benefits of "DD" and 2. increased SPF protection (25 instead of 20). First look, though, had me concerned. The stuff is VERY orange....

Sorry for the grody upclose face photo, just wanted to show you HOW ORANGE it is. The instructions on the box read mostly like a sunscreen package, talking about water-resistance, reapplying after towel drying, sun protection measures, etc? Seems weird on the back of a package that has "dynamic do-all makeup" on the front? And the website describes it as having "patented anti-aging ingredients designed to decrease appearance of pores and fine lines," etc? Back to the color, though, it's just crazy to me. I even wrote Julep and asked them if the intention is more of a bronzer/self-tanning effect (no response yet). Maybe they are relying on the color to just cover everything up and provide some dramatic result?? And, as a final thought, my face was GREASY by afternoon (which it never is) and required major blotting (which I never do).

Overall, I'll use it up, but would never re-buy. I'm curious to see what everyone else thought of the DD Creme! 

I paid $24.98 for this box (19.99 monthly box charge + 4.99 add-on) and got $78 worth of product. Are you interested in trying Julep Maven? You can get your first box free and just pay $3.95 shipping charge with code FREEMAVEN then cancel anytime if you aren't a fan!

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