Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall 30x30 Challenge - Days 7-12

I'm participating in the Fall 30x30 Challenge, where you pick 30 pieces from your wardrobe and mix them up for 30 days of outfits! You can see the 30 pieces I picked here. Here are the combos I rocked on Days 7-12! 

DAY SEVEN - channeling my inner Chi Chi!:
Cross Tee
Abercrombie hot pink jeggings
Dollar store headband
Dolce Vita short biker boots

Frilly white top
Gorjana & Griffin scarf
Juicy Couture jeggings
Jimmy Choo gold boots

DAY NINE - UL basketball game with the fam:
Puella dress
Red Seven pants
Cardinal flair! ;)
Christian Louboutin booties

DAY TEN - cheer competition out of town:
Old Navy teal sweater to rep the team colors
True Religion beach splatter jeans
Zebra UGGS, also repping the team!  

DAY ELEVEN (sorry for the dark pic!):
Target Shirtdress
Old Navy Faux Fur Vest (not one of my pieces, but it's outwear! ;)
Missoni for Target tights
Brown UGGS

American Apparel Nirvana tee
J. Crew dream cardigan
Necklace by Louisville jeweler Summer Eliason
Seven Rocker flare jeans
J. Crew studded suede flats

These six days took a little more thought  than the first six, but still cruising along with what feels like plenty of options! Can't wait to check out what all the other lovely ladies wore this week! Now, on to the next six days everyone! So far so good!! 


  1. So hard to pick, I love every outfit!! I would say that day 9 would be my fav...the red/black & white combo is always a favorite of mine!!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

    1. Thank you! We spend lots of time at University of Louisville events so I'm always looking for fun new red + black + white combos! :)

  2. I did a t-shirt and cardigan option this week too. Love the pop of color with the scarf on day 8

    1. Thank you! I love scarves so much and the fun happy print on that one helps me believe for a second that its not miserably cold here! :)

  3. You seriously win on the cutest shoes! Gold boots, zebra Uggs?! Love, love, love! I also love that fur vest, I need to get one of those and it is so cute over that dress. The first photo with the cross shirt and hot pink jeggings is an awesome outfit, too!

    1. Girl.... Me and shoes. I've got a ridiculous collection! I tell my girls all the time that I hope their feet wind up my size - they will hit the lottery if so!!! LOL!

  4. Hello Christian Louboutin booties!! =) Loving those and outfit 12! =)

    1. Monsieur Louboutins and I have had quite the relationship for almost a decade now - ever since I bought my first pair in his original boutique in Paris!! ;)

  5. I'm loving Day 12 and day 8!! and those jimmy chop boots...I'm drooling!! great job!!

    1. Thanks!! I call them Wonder Woman boots! haha!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I am kind of obsessed with Gorjana & Griffin!

  7. I really love day 12. It's the perfect combo of comfortable, yet still stylish and trendy!

    1. Thank you! It was definitely a fun outfit to wear! :)

  8. day 8 is my fave although i really love them all.

    1. Thanks! That's probably my least favorite of the week! It's funny that everyone liked it! You learn something new every day! LOL!