Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Road Trip through Missouri! (Friday photo dump)

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As part of our 4th of July celebrations we made the trek from Louisville to far far away in Missouri. The halfway point was St. Louis, so we made that our home base and kind of built a little mini-vacay around it! We took the schnauzer Miss Boo Bitty with us, which added to the element of adventure! Haha! There's nothing like a good family road trip, really! We all had a blast!

We stayed at the pet-friendly Hyatt by the Arch. The girls put some charm on the desk worker and got us a room with a view of the river, Arch and grounds. It was awesome! We also had a great view of the park across the street from the hotel and the girls LOVED sitting in the little jutted out window and watching the people and the horse carriages down on the street!

Boo loved looking out the windows, too! 

After a great dinner at the Brewhouse, we took Boo Boo across to the Riverside Park and played until the sun went down. It was gorgeous and there were so many people out just enjoying the pleasant night. We walked down and looked at the river and answered lots of questions about whirlpools and Huckleberry Finn (no, we aren't going swimming in the river, Pep).

All the fun was hard on Boo! LOL!

The next day hubs took the girls up in The Arch. I grew up spending lots of time in St. Louis with family in the area and then I lived there for three years of law school. I've been up in the Arch three times (2x too many! haha!) so I entertained Boo while they took the tour. Needless to say, I don't know if any of them want to do it again, but it's something everyone should experience once, just to say you have! 

Looks perfectly safe, right?? ;)

What a cutie pie trio!

After the Arch, we finished the drive to the reunion. Like so much of this awesome country, it's so nice to go down a few winding country roads and wind up in a place where you can still enjoy the beauty and vastness of the land! There was a pond to play/canoe in, lots of gravel to shoot fireworks on, so much family food and fun!!

Back in St. Louis the next day, we had an awesome traditional St. Louis lunch at Imo's and spent the afternoon at Grant's Farm. The girls LOVED Grant's Farm, from feeding the goats to petting the Clydesdales! 

Early morning in the hotel! 
Of course I'll buy the photo,
even in the rain! Haha!

My favorite little goat!
(the barnyard animal was cute, too!)

This child is SO funny.
She could happily live on a farm!

This guy was retired and SO sweet
he kept falling asleep standing there! :)

Precious Clydesdale babies!
5 months old

This trio was so eager to pose for pics! :)

It was such a great trip and so fun to show the girls around one of my hometowns!! Love taking any opportunity to squeeze in some family fun! 

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