Friday, October 4, 2013

LA and Emmys Trip, Day Three - EMMYS DAY! :D

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On to day three of this crazy rushed trip to LA, Emmys day! If you missed the start of this adventure, you can read days one and two to catch up! 

I woke up on the morning of the Emmys feeling like... OMG, feeling like I was dying. I shouldn't have had that last cake martini the night before, that was a given, but it was more than that. I was sick :( Sore throat, snotty nose, head fully stuffed up. We got some breakfast and I went back to bed. I crawled out of bed around noon, loaded up on everything hubs had gathered at CVS, and the show went on! 

Obviously, a huge - HUGE - issue here is WHAT TO WEAR. OMG... If you've been following this journey, you've seen some of my hits and misses. There were many, many more that never were shared. I had such a hard time with this one. Hubby told me to go for it and get anything I wanted. Yes, that is absolutely perfect and exactly what you want your man to feel and say, but what do you do? You could spend $15k on a dress and there are still going to be people there with NEXT year's $20k (or $50k or $100k) dress that is not even for sale yet. You can go the safe route and buy something "pretty" for a couple hundred dollars but is that really maximizing the opportunity to wear something fab?? Nope. Some of the fails....

I came up with an idea that was seriously put together at the last minute. I had a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress from a couple of seasons ago that I had never worn. Beautiful, but it needed... SOMETHING. I enlisted my mom to make me a massive tutu. After a couple of phone conersations and lots of texting and pictures, she whipped it up (mostly from scraps that she already had!) and mailed it to me. It was PERFECT. I knew it would be! She has been the creator of my insanity for literally decades at this point. If only they would let us go on Project Runway as a TEAM... Haha!! 

So, without further ado, here's what I wore:

Custom tutu explosion

Dress by Alexander McQueen

Valentino Rockstud clutch, at Saks here

Louboutin Lady Peep Spikes,  limited edition crystal heel, simliar style sans crystals available here 

Love love love. LOVE. It was absolutely a sensation. I had countless people stop me to fawn over it. Every head turned. People who have and have seen everything were full of compliments. I caught at least a dozen people taking pictures after we had walked by. One woman breathlessly asked "is it couture????" Um... No. But it is one of a kind, whipped up from scraps on an Arkansas basement sewing machine! LOL! I felt like crap but, boy, that was a fun dress to wear!! 

Makeup and prep was minimal, which is my tendency. I declined the offer of having "Hollywood hair and makeup stylists" come to the hotel to fix me up and just did it myself! People have a way of royally screwing up curly hair anyways.... Here's the gist of my look:

* Infinity Sun Self Tanner from Summer FabFitFun
* stila eye kit from PopSugar Fall Style
* Great Lash mascara
* Julep Karmen polish from September Maven
* Benetint cheek tint from July Ipsy Bag

Thank goodness for subscription boxes, yeah?? LOL!

I am in love with this light pink glitter eyeshadow! 

Quick selfie in our sh*tty room! ;)

The limo picked us up at 1:45 and dropped us off at the red carpet entrance. This is the part where most people have a panic attack. Not us! Bring it on!! :D 

We walked the carpet then met a driver who took us by golf cart to the Convention Center for a sneak peek of the Governor's Ball and a private cocktail party. 

Kitchen in full swing! Prepping 7,000 plates!

Just gorgeous

After a couple of drinks, it was back on the golf cart and to the red carpet for real! The stars were out this time! So fun!! 

Back entrance to red carpet with our VIP host! Behind the scenes view of the camera crews!

OMG... PACKED and crazy!

Jane Lynch

Claire Danes coming off E! stage, John Hamm in white tux
Who are these stars??? ;)

Michael J. Fox and wifey!

Will Arnett! Woot!

Rob Reiner and Kerry Washington (in breathtaking Marchesa! *sigh*)

We got settled in for the show and thoroughly enjoyed it! We had heard horror stories about how LONG it lasts but it was fun! The worst part was not having anything to eat or drink. Some water and a couple of snacks and it would have been golden!

Bathrooms "sponsored" by L'Oreal, stocked with lots of free goodies! Love! 

And whole event sponsored by Target! Definitely LOVE! ;)

Quick pic inside

Settled in with big thick programs! 

So excited to see Elton John! We had never seen him before!

LOVED the big production numbers!

Will Ferrell and his kids... hahahaha!

After the show we walked in the crowd back to the Governor's Ball. By this time, the Convention Center was PACKED. 4,000 people I think? We had a nice meal and a few fun celebrity encounters! 

Build your own gourmet candy boxes from Marich! 

Love Conrad Bachmann! It's a Louisville party! :D

Yay Buster! And I got to hold an Emmy! Score! 

Dancers providing Gaga-like ambiance

Hard rockin' all girl string quartet!

And, just like that, it was time to call it a night. We packed up our swag (all our freebies AND our attitudes! LOL) and headed back to the limo. SO much fun, LA! Until next time!! XOXO


  1. Looks like so much fun, and your dress was beautiful! And those shoes are just amazing!

    1. Thanks girl! I'm a little too serious about shoes... LOL! 11+ hours in 6+ inch heels and I'd do it every day if the opportunity presented itself! ;)

  2. Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I need to get myself an invite to an event like this! I just don't know anyone in the know. Except you I guess?? You looked gorgeous!

    1. Haha! Thank you! I'm a sucker for any big event!! Come to Derby some year! If you want to do something big, that's a fab place to start!! :)

  3. How awesome, you looked gorgeous!

    1. Thanks girl! Super fun times! :D