Saturday, July 6, 2013

Night out with Raven from RuPaul's Drag Race!

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Last week my friend Farrah and I had a girls' night out! Wahooo! We had VIP tickets to the Hard Candy party at Prime Lounge here in Louisville featuring Raven from RuPaul's Drag Race! I was a big fan of her on the show and was excited to see her in person!

First things first, what to wear?? We decided to go with a theme, kitschy Hawaii! Here's what I wore:

Big Hawaii hair and yellow/pink makeup!
OMG. Soooo Mrs. Roper!! 

This fantastic dress belonged to my grandma! She bought it in the early 70's when she travelled to Hawaii with my grandpa. She was a tiny little woman, and I'm sure it was a floor-length maxi on her, but it hit me at a weird spot between shin and ankle! She was very classy and demure.... I'm thinking this dress never thought it would wind up at a drag show! LOL

Hokey bag from Avon a few years ago, hair clips I bought at an outdoor market in Honolulu in April, neon citrine Tribute platforms from Yves Saint Laurent. If you read my tribute to Tributes a while back, you know I'm a wee bit obsessed with these shoes! ;)

Next important decision? What's to drink? Cocktail of the night: Dreamsicle Martinis!


- One shot orange Vodka (we used Absolut Citron)
- One shot vanilla Vodka (we used whipped cream flavored) 
- One shot club soda

Mix in a shaker with ice and pour! 

So it was time to head out. Hubs drove us downtown to Prime, a kinda small venue that hosts all kinds of parties and events.

The special guest was queen Vanessa Demornay. She opened for Raven at both the 11 and 12 shows. She was there to bring it, which was great! She did full songs and then came out afterwards and spent lots of time working the crowd! 

As for Raven, the headliner who gained fame on RuPaul's Drag Race.... Eh. She came across as SO jaded and negative, definitely like she thought she was WAY too good to be there. Sorry, girl, you ARE there and the crowd is weak, so maybe you should realize where you are in your career... just sayin'. She did the total MINIMUM - a song each set that was super short, a little talk to the crowd, maybe 5 minutes total at the end of the night walking around the bar before leaving. 

Hubs and I have had the chance to meet lots of celebrities and we've met so many BIG ones who were a million times more humble, grateful and fun than she was. Whatevs.... Farrah and I had a great time regardless!! LOL! 

Love that people had on U of L hats,
even at a drag show! LOL!

Girl is TALLL... I'm 5'9 + heels!

It was a super fun night out and we are planning to hit a couple of the upcoming shows over the next few months. Like I told a friend yesterday, I have all these crazy clothes, what better place to wear them?? LOL! 

One of my favorite moments was when these two guys gawked at me and said "Are you a REAL GIRL?!?" When I said yes, they said, "Woooow. Congratulations." I replied, "Thanks, I've been working on it for a while!" ;) Hahaha!! 

And to wrap it up, here's a few more random pics! Fun night!! :)

The only other two in the crowd who dressed to impress!

This lady was workin' that fan! 
Michelle Visage was there to have a good time! 


  1. Oh.... well, I worked at Baer Fabrics for nearly 17 years. Some of those years were spent on the first floor, where we had a bridal department, fine imports, and patterns, and on the 2nd, where we had sequins/glitz. I waited on so many 'no clue' divas (they were dressed as guys -not dolls- at the store but still had the attitude). They came to us for materials for custom gowns for Ms. Gay Louisville pageant(not even sure if they still do that but back then it was a drag show at The Connection and the only one in Louisville. Is the Connection even still there??) I had my fill of guys who came for measurements without any foundation garments... I mean really, without the padding and control lycra, I was measuring men! Hello- if you will have hips and a bust in the dress (and no belly), you kind of need your foundations in place when I measure you! Raven's attitude, as you described it, was the norm back then even with the clueless!

    The real pros (or wannabe pros) sent in their designers, who were a dream to work with! My two favorites from the late 80s/early 90s both died of AIDS. Total loss for Louisville-- so incredible with their designs. Their dresses hanging up on a hanger looked like a body was in them! I learned so much and wish I had asked even more questions. I just felt like if they could make men look great in a dress, they could really help women. I was always more interested in the costumes than in the performances. That was a million years ago... Really it seems like a different lifetime.

    Your Mrs. Roper comment cracked me up. When I saw the pics on Facebook, I knew there had to be a story behind your dress. Raven was probably just jealous over the shoes. LOL

    1. Omg. I love this insight SO much! I love the whole creativity and artistic side of the whole thing but, like so many things in life (and in hobbies and in fashion), if there's no joy and fun and happiness, what on earth is the point???

      I guarantee those designers who turned out such amazing work took extreme joy in their craft! Makes me sad about the whole aids thing, especially in light of what a livable condition it's becoming. Huge loss, indeed!