Monday, April 29, 2013

Opening Night at Churchill Downs

It always officially feels like spring is here and summer is just around the corner when Downs After Dark at Churchill Downs rolls around! Last year at opening night, there was an INSANE storm with golf ball sized hail that destroyed my new car. This year, the forecast called for rain - and there was a TON of it - but we wound up in a cozy suite and had a wonderful time regardless!

First of all, what to wear?? Downs After Dark night racing events generally have a theme, sometimes elaborate, but this event called for this under the "Fashion" heading:

Ladies: Party/cocktail dresses and headwear. The signature accessory for this event is an evening headpiece a la fascinator, feathers, etc. We want ladies to have fun in sporting a “night-time Derby look!” Gentlemen: Sharp pants/shirt (tie optional); headwear recommended as well!

I love my feathers and sparkle, so I pulled out this unique comb I have from Beth Beverly Diamond Tooth Taxidermy. Yep, TAXIDERMY. Be warned that the website has some really unusual stuff (especially for a 20+ year vegetarian and tree-hugging animal lover like me! LOL!). But the comb is GORGEOUS. The pictures are after the fact and I lost a peacock feather somewhere along the way, but you get the point! ;)

I had been super excited to wear this Derek Lam CFDA for Kohl's dress. It's on sale now for only $42. Kohl's is hilarious! LOL! It wound up a bit of a wrinkled mess and was pretty short for me, so I was glad it was chilly and the night called for tights! Design wise the pattern was definitely not what I normally pick out and was fun for a change!

The paddock area was full of bands, acrobats and stilt walkers. Super fun! No pics, though, I was hustling to get out of the rain!

Once in the cozy lounge of the Jockey Club Suites, it was time to enjoy the decor and watch a few races from our private balcony. Happy for the climate control and cover from the rain!

Before long, the random drunkies started wandering into the suite, including this guy:

He told me I looked like a character out of a Tim Burton movie, which may have been intended as an insult, but I love Tim Burton movies, so I'm cool with that! When he came around a second time looking for any leftover alcohol in our suite, it was our cue to call it a night.

All in all, fun start to the racing season. Hoping for nicer weather next weekend for Derby, though!! :)

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