Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Occasions! Yay!

Over the last few years I've been thinking about it and it seems like the temperature of a year can be pretty accurately gauged by the number of weddings vs funerals you're involved in. Last year? Ugh.... Zero weddings. 4 funerals. Was a tough, tough year and the last funeral coming in December was the final kick in the ass on the way out the door by 2012. Always one to knock on wood and try not to jinx it, so far so good in 2013. We are 4-0 at this point, with weddings winning and at least one more wedding on the horizon. SO thankful to have so many HAPPY moments to commemorate! Yay!

And, of course, the question is: What to wear?? Here are a couple of my recent selections:

Dress by Land's End, feather/crystal accent silk sash from J. Crew, beaded baguette from Fendi, and the icon of icons from Monsieur Louboutin, the Pigalle 120mm.

This dress was a first attempt at Land's End. I've bought tons of school uniforms for the girls there but never anything for me. The sizing is just massive, even sizing down I should have this dress majorly altered to fit better, and it's definitely a little conservative/preppy for my preferences. It's okay, though! Trying to keep an open mind! :)

If you happen to be a Land's End fan, here's a coupon code for 30% off sitewide and free shipping on $50+ through 5/21/13: Code: TWILL Pin: 5720. My dress is sold out now, but here's a kind of similar one that might be worth a shot!

Belt and bag are great but let's talk about these shoes for a minute. I'm an old pro and these heels are the most challenging ones I've mastered. That being said - OMG - they are the hottest things ever. My husband bought these for me after seeing in his research that they are Kate Moss' favorite pump and I can see why. Can't remember the last time I wore a pair of shoes and had SO MANY random strangers come up and comment on how HIGH my shoes were (to me? that's the ultimate compliment! haha!)! When searching the web for photos, the first article that came up was titled "Pigalle 120, Do they EVER get comfortable?" LOL! They DO, but you have to really WANT to wear them! Which I do! I told a stranger this weekend, if you're going to do it, you have to COMMIT. One of the most affordable ways to buy a pair of Louboutins at $625, proceed with caution! ;)

And a second recent wedding outfit that I loved:

Dress by Oscar de la Renta. Shoes are Lady Peep Spikes 150mm by Louboutin. These shoes look just as fierce as the Pigalle, but have a platform which takes much of the challenge out! ;) This pair was a limited edition with jeweled heels, there's a similar style with metallic heel available here. It seems like everyone is making a knockoff of the spike pump now. Including these by Vince Camuto ($29-200) and these by Steve Madden ($35-145). You can always join the ranks of women like these and just paint the soles red yourself! LOL!

And here are a couple of my friends' gorgeous wedding cakes as a parting thought. My girls go to a wedding just to see people kiss... I go for the wedding cake! Haha! Fingers crossed that 2013 brings lots more cake and smiles!!


  1. I am so proud of you and will support you any way I can with your charity ;-) I freakin loved your outfit for our wedding but I loved your shoes more!!! I loved our cake but I wanted something "less tradtional but thought I should let the hubby have a say ;-)

  2. Love both you girls!! Xoxo!! :D