Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catherine Malandrino + Kohl's - Coming SOON!

Oh, I get pretty excited about these designer collaborations!! I was just out on Sunday morning fighting the masses for my Phillip Lim + Target goodies and now I'm looking forward to doing it all over again in about a week and a half!!

Fabulous French fashion designer Catherine Malandrino is doing a collaboration with Kohl's that will launch on September 27th. The collection is very French - as in Eiffel Towers, berets and lots and lots of black. She designed the collection with the intent of helping people to "bring the romance of Paris to everyday life." Pieces are to be priced between $30 and $130.

Kohl's has done a good job of getting this collection on some often-photographed celebs and the pieces look really nice! 

Olivia Palermo in the dress that's my pick of the collection

Olivia Palermo, Maria Menounos and Louise Roe, photo by TheRecessionista.com

Kelly Rutherford, photo by TheExaminer.com

Here are a few of the things I am loving:

And here are a few that I think seriously look one step short of a "French" costume. For real, I can picture a couple of these girls on a bridge over the Seine doing some mime work for tips! LOL!!

What do you think?? I have really loved the Vera Wang Princess line at Kohl's and I really enjoyed the Derek Lam collection and some others, too! I've got high hopes for this one! Anxious to get a feel for the fabrics, etc., and see what they are really like! The entire lookbook can be viewed on the Kohl's website HERE


  1. now THIS i would be out fighting for/spending my dollars on! i gotta be picky since i am going through sizes but i couldn't pass this up. too bad i don't have a car!

    1. Haha! The beauty of online shopping!! ;)