Monday, July 29, 2013

Long Weekend in Mexico, Part 2!

Time for the rest of my thoughts and photos from the long weekend hubs and I spent in Cancun! Yay! Here's the link to Part 1, if you'd like to get caught up!

So the "all-inclusive" at ME Cancun was one of the nicest we've ever experienced! Lots of cool decorating touches and nice shops that carried pretty fancy things. We had super fab sit-down dinners each night at a wide variety of restaurants, from Brazilian to Japanese! As covered in Part 1, we stayed in "The Level," so we also had unlimited top shelf drinks the entire time that were for real top shelf! Nice!  

Swanky random photos in the elevators

LOVE a hotel that stocks you up on Aveda!

Rain shower was to die for!

Sushi served with jalapenos to top... Life changing.

My awesome bedazzled Chucks purchase!

One of the additional perks of The Level was a free pay-per-view movie and room service movie snacks! Fun! We rented Wedding Crashers and were a little confused by some of the random condiments that came with our M&Ms and popcorn, but whatevs! LOL!

We mostly just spent lots of time on the beach and one rainy day on a Bali bed around the pool. We were soaking wet from the pool in the elevator and a guy grimaced said "Ooo, how was the pool in the rain?" Um, WET? It's not like it was cold! LOL!

Rainy day view from the Bali bed

Happy in paradise

Sea turtle eggs all up and down the beach!
Would love to see them hatch!!

Fresh kiwi margaritas  = health food ;)

So so many unfortunate bathing suit choices...

Loved all these friendly little sea birds!

As I covered in part 1, I was disappointed that this trip wasn't going to include the swimming pigs of the Bahamas, so I packed a piggy of my own and went "swimming" with him! He was such a good sport! ;)

Look!! I found one!

SMOOCHES piggy!! I was so looking
forward to meeting you! ;)

Swim was a bit stressful... fancy drink and..

Some time in the sun! Ahhhh! 

The one time we ventured out was to spend some time in La Isla, the massive shopping center across the street. The girls swam with dolphins there years ago but I had forgotten how nice it is! We had pizza at a waterfront place to celebrate my birthday and hubs made me drink beer by the yard... I wasn't as tortured as the pics may suggest! Haha!

This place had a LOT of facts and info on the walls... A LOT.

Last swig was a bit rough :-/

Birthday chocolate mousse! <3

Sketchy souvenir shopping... LOL

Placed in our room while we were out! :D
So many nice, personal touches! 

All in all such a fun, relaxing, relatively inexpensive getaway! I apologize, Cancun, for thinking you're average. Your people were incredibly wonderful and our experience was second to none. We will be back! Gracias!! 


  1. Still so proud of you for making it through that yard ! ;)

  2. Mexico is probably my most favorite place on the planet! Glad you had a great time!