Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fancy Pants Food November 2013 Box Review

I was starting to wonder about my first Fancy Pants Food box! I ordered on October 30th and my first finally box arrived on November 20. I was excited to see what was inside!

This is a relatively new food subscription service that delivers a monthly box of 5-8 trial size products. The products are "amazing food that you've probably never heard about" for a cost of $10/month. I've kind of been lukewarm about these types of boxes in the past (Goodies, Love With Food) mostly because, even if it's only $10 (or $7 or $12), I expect the value to be at least what I paid. Thats reasonable, right??

Anyways, on to Fancy Pants Food! Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Snapz Zucchini Chips, $1.50

Hint Mint chocolate mints, $2.50 - reviews on Amazon say that these basically taste just like Thin Mint cookies! I'm not much for sweets but my kid will love them!

Lord Levington Nuts, $2 - we've gotten these in lots of boxes and hubs will be happy to have some more!

Cocomels, $1.50 - We've gotten these before but I made myself try them this time. Um... They taste like salt water taffy/caramel/coconut. I'm not a fan but, seriously, I'm not much for sweets so I'm the wrong person to ask! LOL

Oats Granola Dark Chocolate, $1 - this stuff looks awesome! Hubs will be all over this!

Kelapo Coconut Oil, $.50 - we've used coconut oil for years and will happily use this up!

So I came up with a total value of $9 for this box. There wasn't really anything surprising or new but the items are all things we will eat and enjoy (well, maybe not the zucchini... Haha). I try to give a subscription a few months before I really make a judgement on it and that's the plan with this one! Interested to see what the next couple of months bring!

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