Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY Boutique Elastic Hair Ties!

After buying these for close to $2 each in California last month, and LOVING them but realizing how quickly they get stretched out, I searched out info and figured out how to make our own for about a quarter each! And it's SO easy the 7 and 9 year olds were cranking them out in a snap! You can make them, too!!

You'll need: Scissors, a ruler, a lighter and 5/8" fold over elastic in your choice of print or solid. You can buy this elastic at most fabric or craft stores. I bought ours from I'm happy with my elastic, but there is a pretty broad range of thickness/stretchiness in the ones we chose and you would obviously get a better feel for each piece if you bought them in person. We got all kinds of colors and prints on this site, ranging in price from $.40 to $.99 per yard.

Here's the steps:

1. Pick your elastic. Measure and cut the length that you need (9" for a hair tie, 20" for a headband)

How cute is this chevron??

2. Fold the cut piece in half, with the shiny or patterned side out

3. Keeping the pieces as flat and smooth as possible, tie a knot in the middle and work the knot towards the end as you tighten it, leaving tails of fabric hanging out. Ends will be frazzled looking!

4. Use a lighter to seal the ends. Don't actually touch the flame to the elastic!! The elastic will stay super hot for several seconds. (no picture of this, couldn't figure out how to do it all at once or how to ask a kid to either hold the lighter or a camera close to a lighter! LOL!)

5. That's it! We made 6 headbands and 49 hair ties in about 45 minutes for a total cost of about $17! Awesome!!

6. Enjoy!!


  1. Cool! I have been thinking of doing a diy on these myself! This will be something very fun for the girls and I to do this year!

    1. Awesome!! They were soooo easy - it was kind of embarrassing HOW easy after paying $2 each for a pile of them!! LOL!

  2. so cute, Im gonna do some with my little one, she loves hair bands!

    1. OMG, we have gone through a million of them! SO GLAD I can make them myself!